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Summer Science Seminars

Weekly seminars are designed to broaden and enrich the intellectual experience of our summer research students. The speakers design their talks to be interesting and valuable for the undergraduate audience of varying scientific backgrounds and fields. Included are some talks by Wesleyan alumni who have gone on to careers in the sciences. Research students are encouraged to talk with the speaker, both in the formal seminar period, and in more informal smaller groups.

Below is the schedule of talks for the Summer Program 2022

Summer '22 Seminar Series

All seminars begin at 12:00pm in Shanklin 107 unless otherwise specified. Snacks provided, please bring your own drinks.





June 9


Jill de Villiers, Smith College


Anna Shusterman, Psychology

June 16

Exley 58

Kelly Thayer, CIS

 Curing Cancer with Computers: Developing Allosteric Drugs for p53 Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Machine Learning

Seth Redfield, CIS

June 23


Alejandro Vila, Universidad Nacional de Rosario


Teresita Padilla-Benavides, MB&B

June 27

Note Monday


Pennan Chinnasamy, MA '09
Purdue University
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Data collaborations for holistic management of natural resources and climate change adaptation

Ishita Mukerji and Barry Chernoff

June 30

Andrew Mugler, University of Pittsburgh

Physical limits to biological sensing

Greg Voth, Physics

July 7


Brendan Reilly, Scripps Institute of Oceanography


Suzanne O'Connell, Earth and Environmental Science

July 14

Catherine Zucker, NASA

Mapping our Milky Way from the Inside Out, in 3D Seth Redfield, Astronomy

July 22

Note this is Friday

Nii Addy, Yale University

My journey as a biomedical scientist, research mentor, and mental health advocate  Jan Naegale, Neuroscience and Behavior

July 28

Keynote Lecture: Meredith Hughes

Planet Formation Through Radio Eyes

 Seth Redfield, Director of CIS



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