GEM Student Advisory Committee

The GEM Student Advisory Committee was formed during the Spring 2024 semester. The committee consists of nine members, ideally three per class year, and meets regularly to build community in the minor, to innovate programming, and to provide feedback to the Minor Coordinator and the Faculty Advisory Committee. They manage an instagram account and help promote the program to new students.  

student with short brown hair

Dylan Campos '24

Majors/Minors: Double Major in History and Environmental Studies, minor in GEM (obvi haha)

Where I’m From: Branford, Connecticut, USA

Why I’m doing GEM: With my passion for agriculture and environmental politics, I’m always working on growing effective cross-cultural communication and understanding to mitigate climate change worldwide.

A Fun Fact: I can tie my shoe while hopping on one foot moving forward!

student with short blonde straight hair

Izzy Paez '26

Majors/Minors: Economics & Global Engagement

Where I’m From: Chappaqua, NY

Why I’m doing GEM: I chose to pursue GEM because I’ve grown up immersed in languages and cultural awareness and wanted to be in a space of people with these same values as well as wanting to continue to expand my lens of intercultural learning.

student with long brown curly hair

Kaya Waltzer '26

Majors/Minors: I'm a University Major in Urban Studies with a double minor in Global Engagement and IDEAS

Where I’m From: Springfield, NJ

Why I’m doing GEM: I'm doing GEM to add intercultural nuance to the urban issues I am interested in, and to join a community of like-minded people looking to expand and diversify their worldviews and cultural experiences.

Fun fact: I'm named after a Bob Marley song and album.