Broaden access for and diversity of international students, faculty and visiting scholars, and staff

Increase the fraction of the entering class who are international students by 5%

  • May 2022 Status: Discussion ongoing

Establish a scholarship program aimed at students from Africa

  • May 2022 Status: Goal in Strategic Plan
  • Any group working on this should also look at what will make Wesleyan an attractive place for students from Africa: e.g., flourishing African Students Association, flourishing African Studies program, robust alumni networks and activities, etc.

Improve academic support for international students

  • May 2022 Status: Many Writing Center initiatives, from courses to trainings to extra-curricular programming, support multilingual writers and speakers

Consolidate support for international scholars (including scholars at risk) in an expanded Office of International Students and Scholars

  • May 2022 Status: FCGS Board working group has studied the issue and drafted initial proposal, making a case for such a consolidation; next steps are reviewing with stakeholders

Improve support for international faculty members

  • May 2022 Status: FCGS Board working group has studied the issue and conducted a preliminary study (garnering 26 responses from faculty at all ranks)

Continue our relationship with and improve support for scholars at risk

  • May 2022 Status: We have now hosted our first IIE-SRF scholar, who will likely stay a second (and final) year. We are members of SAR and NUEC, with the FCGS Director serving as liaison to all these organizations. We are in final stages of arranging for the arrival of a SAR scholar from Afghanistan. Support for all of this remains ad hoc.
  • Next step: An assessment of needs and work on finding creative solutions is under way. One possible eventual solution may lay in the conversion of OISA to ISSS; see above.

Improve support for international staff members

  • May 2022 Status: Discussion ongoing

Continue and expand Coursera and other on-line teaching modalities aimed at individuals other than our current undergraduates

  • May 2022 Status: Discussion ongoing