Theme 4. Broaden access for and diversity of international students, faculty and visiting scholars, and staff; foster a campus environment in which all can thrive

The goals we have currently identified as parts of this internationalization theme are listed below. For details on specific activities connected to each goal that have been completed, are underway, or are planned, please see this theme's section of the Internationalization Dashboard (below).

4.1 Increase the fraction of the entering class who are international students by 5%

4.2 Establish a scholarship program aimed at students from Africa

4.3 Improve academic support for international and multilingual students

4.4 Consolidate support for international scholars (including scholars at risk) in an expanded Office of International Students and Scholars

4.5 Improve support for international faculty and staff members

4.6 Continue our relationship with and improve support for scholars at risk

4.7 Continue and expand Coursera and other on-line teaching modalities aimed at individuals other than our current undergraduates