World Literature in Translation

Courses in WLIT include any that focus significantly on the reading and interpretation of literary texts (broadly construed to include prose, poetry, and film) originally produced in languages other than English, but studied in English translation. 
Any faculty member who would like a course to be cross-listed in WLIT, please contact Jennifer Collingwood ( in the Fries Center for Global Studies to receive a WLIT number. We will follow this rubric in assigning numbers (so please indicate to Jennifer whether your class is an advanced course or not): 200s for introductory or intermediate classes; 300s for advanced classes. In terms of world region:

X00-X10 = General 
X11-X20 = Africa
X21-X40 = East Asia
X41-X70 = Europe
X71-X75 = South Asia
X76-X80 = Latin America
X81-X99 = Anything else
Please see WesMaps for a current listing of WLIT courses