GEM Learning Goals

GEM Learning Goals-PDF

Learning Goal

Learning Objective

Some Examples of Relevant Learning Activities

Knowledge: Global Self-Awareness


  • Applies critical lenses and frameworks to effectively address significant issues in the natural and human world. Articulates identity in a global context and understands how power, privilege, and oppression present themselves in a global context
  • Articulates insights into one’s intersecting cultural practices and biases shape one's global engagement, and how to recognize and respond to one's positionality, resulting in a shift in self-description
  • Study Abroad
  • Internship abroad
  • Community-engaged Learning
  • Fellowship (domestic or int’l)
  • Serve as ISO intern and/or orientation leader


With emphasis of awareness of self


Understanding Global Systems

  • Uses deep knowledge of the historic and contemporary role and differential effects of human organizations and actions on diverse local and global systems to critically frame, develop, and advocate for informed, appropriate action to solve complex problems in the human and natural worlds
  • Take four courses with diverse regional and/or global perspectives
  • Attend relevant lectures or other co-curricular programming
  • Engage in off-campus cultural immersion


Perspective Taking



  • Evaluates and applies diverse perspectives to complex subjects within natural and human systems in the face of multiple and even conflicting positions (i.e. cultural, disciplinary, and ethical)
  • Interprets intercultural experience from the perspectives of own and other worldview(s) and demonstrates ability to act in a supportive manner that recognizes the feelings and position of other cultural groups
  • Study Abroad
  • Internship abroad
  • Community-engaged Learning
  • Fellowship (domestic or int’l)
  • Serve as ISO interns and/or orientation leader

With emphasis of awareness of others


Verbal and Non-verbal communication

  • Articulates a complex understanding of cultural differences in verbal and nonverbal communication and can skillfully negotiate a shared understanding based on those differences
  • Take language courses
  • Take cultures and languages across-curriculum (CLAC) courses


Applying Knowledge to Contemporary Global Contexts

  • Applies knowledge and skills to critically frame, reflect on, and apply sophisticated, appropriate, and workable solutions to address complex global problems using interdisciplinary perspectives independently or with others.
  • Community-engaged Learning
  • Fellowships (domestic or int'l)
  • Synthetic e-portfolio
  • Global coursework


Personal and Social Responsibility



  • Takes informed and responsible action to address ethical, social, and environmental challenges in global systems and evaluates the local and broader consequences of individual and collective interventions.
  • Initiates and develops interactions with culturally different others that are informed and enriched by intercultural theories and critical frameworks. Suspends judgment in valuing her/his/their interactions with culturally different others.
  • Contribute to International Education/POL Weeks
  • Join or contribute to internationally focused organization or campus club
  • Community-engaged Learning
  • Be a CA/TA for a language/culture class
  • Be a language partner for language/culture class or Int'l student buddy
  • Off campus immersion
  • Support other GEM cohorts