Global, Regional, and Intercultural Publication Opportunities for Undergraduates

Here, we collect and share information on global, regional, and intercultural publication opportunities for undergraduates.

Outside Wesleyan:

  • Fusayfsa is a bi-annual journal affiliated with the Middle East Studies at Smith College. Its main focus is to highlight a diverse array of Middle Eastern and North African experiences. The journal aims to incorporate not only written work, but a variety of creative pieces/art related to the Middle East.

  • The Intercollegiate U.S.-China Journal is a bilingual, semiannual academic journal that provides a platform for students across the globe to publish interdisciplinary, academically rigorous research. The IUCJ’s core mission is to improve understanding of the United States’ and China’s domestic and international affairs. As an affiliate of the U.S.-China Better Relations Coalition, the Journal is also committed to connecting students across universities and countries to promote participation in a broader discussion of global issues as they pertain to the U.S. and China. 

  • The Kennesaw Tower is an undergraduate research journal affiliated with and based in the Department of Foreign Languages at Kennesaw State University. Its mission is the diffusion and participation of quality, undergraduate research projects in Chinese, FLED, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish into the regional, national and international arena through an online medium. 
  • The Undergraduate Journal of Global Citizenship of Fairfield University in Connecticut is a student-run publication that welcomes undergraduate submissions on diverse topics such as global awareness, interdependence, environmental responsibility, social justice, humanitarianism, and other themes that promote the understanding of global citizenship.  The annual deadline is typically in November and submission requirements are available here.  An interactive map showcases extensive readership from around the world. 

Within Wesleyan:

  • WeScrive is Wesleyan University's Italian-language magazine. Edited and written by students of Italian at Wesleyan, WeScrive attempts to demonstrate the beauty of Italian culture, including literature, film, food, music, and more, while promoting Italian events on and off campus.

  • The WesGerman podcast is entirely produced by students, supported by the GRST Department, and featured on their Newsblog. Anyone interested in getting involved or having suggestions for topics, please contact Prof. Bork-Goldfield at

  • Utterances is a submissions-based literary and arts magazine created for and by Asian and Asian American students at Wesleyan. In the wake of senseless white supremacist violence, we hope to create a space for Asian people to express what has been historically silenced and inarticulable. Asian students, faculty, and alumni at Wesleyan can submit. We accept prose, poetry, stories, essays, illustrations, photography, memoir, book reviews, interviews, profiles, fiction, and nonfiction- any form of art which we can print. If you have any questions or want more info, check out our Instagram (@utterances.wes).