Wesleyan’s Fries Center for Global Studies benefits from the advice and collaboration of the following faculty groups.

Fries Center for Global Studies Advisory Board

The Vice President for Academic Affairs appoints two member from each division to work with the Director of the FCGS in formulating policies and making decisions aimed at advancing the center’s mission.  Membership on the Advisor Board for the 2018-19 academic year is as follows:

Division I: Hari Krishnan, Typhaine Leservot
Division II: Sonali Chakravarti, Peter Rutland
Division III: Barry Chernoff, Lisa Dierker

Language Resources and Technology Committee

The Director of the FCGS invites language teaching faculty to collaborate with the Director of Language Resources & Technology in programming presentations, workshops and other events aimed at enhancing language learning at Wesleyan.  Members of the 2016-17 LRT committee are: 

      • Kate Birney (Classics)
      • Iris Bork-Goldfield (German)
      • Dalit Katz (Hebrew)
      • Priscilla Meyer (Russian)
      • Naho Miruta (Japanese)
      • Ana María Pérez-Gironés (Spanish)
      • Camilla Zamboni (Italian)

Wesleyan Programs Abroad Committee

The Director of the FCGS invites faculty representatives to collaborate with the Associate Director of Study Abroad in managing Wesleyan’s programs in Bologna (Italy), Madrid (Spain) and Paris (France).  Invitations are extended ordinarily to faculty who are soon to serve or who have recently served as Resident Director of one of these programs. The Associate Director of Study Abroad convenes the committee regularly to plan and discuss strategies for promoting study abroad and recruiting both Wesleyan and non-Wesleyan participantes.  Committee members review applications for their respective programs.  They partipate as well in planning for the annual meeting of the consortium with representatives from Vassar College (Bologna, Madrid, Paris) and Wellesley (Bologna). Members of the 2018-19 WPAC are:

      • Marco Aresu (Program in Bologna, Italy)
      • Michael Armstrong-Roche, Marcela Oteíza (Program in Madrid, Spain)
      • Stéphanie Ponsavady (Program in Paris, France)