Theme 5. Increase support for internationally oriented research, creative practice, and partnerships involving faculty or students

The goals we have currently identified as parts of this internationalization theme are listed below. For details on specific activities connected to each goal that have been completed, are underway, or are planned, please see the Internationalization Dashboard (coming soon).

5.1 Make permanent the current College of Integrative Sciences-administered opportunity for summer science research in India; establish a similar program in Korea

5.2 Support international faculty research and creative practice, both on-going and especially for individuals developing new or comparative areas of interest; support international collaborations

5.3 Develop a new program of international internships, in collaboration between the Jewett Center, the GCC, and the FCGS, either with carefully vetted, long-term partners or established in collaboration with current faculty

5.4 Expand robust, purpose-driven, mutually-beneficial partnerships with other universities, especially outside Europe