Increase support for international student and faculty research, creative practice, and other partnerships

Make permanent the current College of Integrative Sciences-administered opportunity for summer science research in India; establish a similar program in Korea.

  • May 2022 Status: COVID-19 delays have put these ideas on hold.

Support international faculty research and creative practice, both on-going and especially for individuals developing new or comparative areas of interest; support international collaborations

  • May 2022 Status: The point is that international research and/or practice tends to be more expensive and logistically challenging than comparable domestic work.

Develop a new program of international internships, in collaboration between the Jewett Center, the GCC, and the FCGS, either with carefully vetted, long-term partners or established in collaboration with current faculty

  • May 2022 Status: Earlier preliminary investigation revealed the significant resources (staff and financial) needed to do this in a responsible way.

Expand robust, purpose-driven, mutually-beneficial partnerships with other universities, especially outside Europe

  • May 2022 Status: COVID-19 has put this on hold.