Build attention to comprehensive internationalization into our governance and institutional structure

Prioritize internationalization in the University’s Strategic Plan

  • May 2022 Status: Strategic Plan includes various relevant call-outs, including:
    • “Here we embrace a diversity of cultures, histories, and languages, and we plan to increase our capacities to do so.”
    • [One specific goal] "Enhance language programs and partnerships for a more global campus.”

Empower the FCGS Director to report regularly to Cabinet and to the Trustees on progress toward achieving these internationalization goals.

  • May 2022 Status: Cabinet presentation in Dec 2021, Trustees in Feb 2022

Increase support, visibility, and voice of area studies units (especially standalone minors)

  • May 2022 Status: FCGS Board working group has studied the issue and drafted a report, including recommendations. Some key recommendations (e.g., regular and transparent budget process; reliable administrative assistant support) are already in place or being explored by Academic Affairs

Create structure to ensure that specific international efforts by Admissions, Advancement, and Communications align with one another and are mutually reinforcing with Academic Affairs’s goals.

  • The pre-COVID, 3-year, cross-office India and China Initiatives offer models to learn from and build on
  • May 2022 Status: Two initial meetings held

Ensure the coordination and collaboration between Academic Affairs (and the FCGS in particular) and Student Affairs (and OISA in particular)

  • May 2022 Status: Co-location of OISA and FCGS in Fisk Hall (while retaining existing reporting lines) has been approved and is planned for next month; OISA and FCGS hold regular joint staff meetings

Ensure the further integration of sustainability into internationalization efforts

  • May 2022 Status: FCGS staff held an initial meeting with the Office of Sustainability in December 2021; since then staff have learned more and joined CANIE (Climate Action Network for International Educators).
  • Further steps include: Integrating sustainability into study abroad-related programming
    • Incorporating carbon offsets as optional or built-in part of student travel
    • Exploring other ways to increase sustainability
    • Consider joining the CANIE Accord, which would commit us to specific additional steps (see

Apply for and win a Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization

  • May 2022 Status: Not yet begun