Theme 6. Build attention to comprehensive internationalization into our governance and institutional structure

The goals we have currently identified as parts of this internationalization theme are listed below. For details on specific activities connected to each goal that have been completed, are underway, or are planned, please see this theme's section of the Internationalization Dashboard (below).

6.1 Prioritize internationalization in the University’s Strategic Plan

6.2 Empower the FCGS Director to report regularly to Cabinet and to the Trustees on progress toward achieving these internationalization goals.

6.3 Increase support, visibility, and voice of area studies units (especially standalone minors)

6.4 Create structure to ensure that specific international efforts by Admissions, Advancement, and Communications align with one another and are mutually reinforcing with Academic Affairs’ goals.

6.5 Ensure the coordination and collaboration between Academic Affairs (and the FCGS in particular) and Student Affairs (and OISA in particular)

6.6 Ensure the further integration of sustainability into internationalization efforts

6.7 Apply for and win a Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization

6.8 Regularly assess progress towards internationalization goals