Standing with Ukraine: Resources

Below are some links to learn more about the situation in Ukraine and how to support Ukrainians in various ways.

  • News from Ukraine and information about Ukrainian culture:

    • English language news from Ukraine:
    • Peacebuilding and the Arts Now newsletter: Special Issue on Ukraine, coedited by Katja Kolcio and featuring information about Ukrainian culture and history, conversations with artists and details about events.
  • Charitable donations:

    • A US based organization:

    • List of charities, listed in Fortune:

    • Here’s a link to reputable charities provided by Melaniya, from Lviv, one of the student panelists from the February 24th event. It provides a number of options of charities, ranging from medical support, to military support, to support of children, elderly and those infirm. Note that the site is in Ukrainian but can be translated in English using this link. Look for the second to last tab “Everyone Can Help”: A community of caring people united by values. This is the foundation's team, philanthropists and volunteers, parents and children. All those who make it possible to help children with disabilities, hospitals and the elderly. We believe in the importance of everyone's contribution

    • We are Ukraine is a site which contains truthful information about the war in Ukraine, insights into the Ukrainian resilience, and also provides suggestions for ways to help Ukraine.

    • Special interest ranging for supporting the military resistance efforts, refugees, medical aid, education, independent journalism, LGBTQ community:

  • Ukraine Statement of support by New University in Exile Consortium

    • Join the New University in Exile Consortium at The New School by signing the petition condemning the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine and in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.