Standing with Ukraine: Videos

Below are video recordings from the Standing with Ukraine: a series of livestream international conversations, as well as links to external media coverage of Wesleyan's events related to the war in Ukraine.


From the Zilkha Gallery at Wesleyan University, Senator Blumenthal reconvenes with panelists from Dnipro and Kyiv, 8 months into the Russian war on Ukraine (11.8.2022):

Focus on the City of Dnipro: a conversation with community members from Dnipro, activists and US Senator for Connecticut Richard Blumenthal (04.29.2022):

Panelists from week 1-2 (students, journalists, artists & civic leaders in Ukraine) are reconvened to discuss what has developed and what the last two months have meant. (04.8.2022):

Sergei Guliaev, Russian oppostion politician, writer, jounalist, veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya, participant in the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident (04.1.2022):

Wesleyan students from Belarus and Russia join students in Russia and Belarus (03.25.2022):

Livestream Conversation with Ukrainian civic leaders, experts and artists (03.11.2022):

Livestream Conversation with Ukrainian journalists and activists (03.04.2022):

Livestream Conversation with the Menorah Center, Dnipro, Ukraine (03.03.2022):

Livestream Conversation with Ukrainian students (02.25.2022):

External Media:

College students talk with journalist, activists about Ukrainian invasion
(WFSB Eyewitness News Channel 3 coverage of the livestream conversation with Ukrainian journalists and activists and the Wesleyan Stands with Ukraine rally outside Usdan on 03.04.2022)

Ukrainian students in Connecticut looking at ways to help family and friends back home
(WFSB Eyewitness News Channel 3 coverage of the livestream conversation with Ukrainian students on 02.25.2022)

The History and Evolution of Ukrainian National Identity
(Katja Kolcio, Associate Professor of Dance and Environmental Studies, contributes to the The Conversation Weekly podcast. 03.17.2022)