Elements of a CLAC Application


Applications to teach a CLAC section should include:

  • Title of proposed CLAC section
  • Title and course number of the parent class, if any; not needed for standalone class
  • Description of proposed CLAC section (noting primary language of instruction), highlighting the elements that will take place in the target language, and noting what level(s) of student language background will be appropriate (e.g., native speaker, advanced learner, intermediate learner)
  • Name and language background of primary instructor
  • Brief discussion of how the section will enhance the Wesleyan’s curriculum
  • Proposed hosting unit for section (this may be the same as the parent course, or CGST, or other)
  • Approval from Chair(s) of instructor’s Department, Program, or College 
  • Any other information that will be helpful for the committee

Interested faculty may contact Steve Angle, FCGS Director (sangle@wesleyan.edu) with questions.