Call for Proposals for 2022-2023 CLACs

We are happy to call for proposals for Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC) courses for the 2022-2023 academic year. For examples of current and past CLAC courses, see here (and the right-hand links).

For 2022-2023, Academic Affairs and FCGS are able to support at least five CLAC courses each semester. These are once/week, Cr/U, 0.5-credit or 0.25-credit courses taught primarily in a language other than English, sometimes associated with an existing English-language class, and may be hosted in any academic unit. For student feedback on Victoria Smolkin’s Russian-language CLAC (in this case, associated with an English-language “parent” class), see here.

There are many successful models for CLAC courses: they may be stand-alone courses or linked; they may be taught by the same instructor as a “parent" class, or by another instructor; students may include native speakers of the target language, advanced (and/or intermediate-level) learners, or both; they might introduce students to a rarely-taught by thematically relevant language; and so on. These courses are taught as overloads; Academic Affairs will pay the instructor of each selected course a stipend that is 50% or 25% of the standard full-credit visitor rate for your rank, and FCGS will reimburse up to $300 of expenses for course preparation for each selected course. CLAC courses that enroll fewer than 5 students may still run (at the instructor’s option), but with a reduced stipend depending on enrollment. Interested faculty may contact Steve Angle, FCGS Director ( to discuss ideas or with questions about details, and proposals are due by Thursday, January 27.

There is more information about CLAC here, as well as on the CLAC Moodle (write Steve to request access if needed), which contains some sample syllabi and other information. Proposals should include the following elements:

    • Title of proposed CLAC course
    • Proposed host unit (courses are typically cross-listed as CGST but hosted elsewhere, though if needed they can be hosted as CGST)
    • Title and course number of the parent class (if applicable)
    • Name of parent class instructor (if applicable / if different from applicant)
    • Description of proposed CLAC course (noting primary language of instruction), highlighting the elements that will take place in the target language, and noting what level(s) of student language background will be appropriate (e.g., native speaker and/or advanced learner and/or intermediate learner)
    • Name and language background of primary instructor
    • Brief discussion of how the section will enhance the Wesleyan’s curriculum
    • Approval from Chair(s) of instructor’s Department, Program, or College 
    • Any other information that will be helpful

Proposals will be reviewed by the Director of FCGS and the FCGS Director for Language Resources and Technology, with decisions announced as soon as possible.