Power of Language Conference Committee

Student Steering Committee

Fengbeiling (Selena) Wang '21

Double Majoring in English and Computer Science
Hometown: XuanCheng, Anhui Province, China
Languages: Chinese (native), English, Italian, Japanese
Contact: fwang@wesleyan.edu

Megan Levan '21

Prospective Majors: Environmental Studies and Religion double major with a certificate in South Asia Studies
Hometown: Encinitas, California, USA
Languages: Spanish and Hindi-Urdu and is currently learning Arabic at Wesleyan
Contact: mlevan@wesleyan.edu

Yu (Hayley) Qin '21

Major: Art History
Hometown: Tianjin, China
Languages: Chinese, English, German
Contact: yqin@wesleyan.edu

Andrew Fleming '20

Double Majoring in English and Spanish (with Certificate in Social, Cultural and Critical Theory Certificate, with a special interest in Sociolinguistics
Hometown: West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
Languages: English, Spanish
Contact: apfleming@wesleyan.edu

Tim Jambor '20

Major: Government with minors in Russian and Data Analysis
Hometown: Milford, Connecticut, USA
Languages: English, Russian
Contact: tjambor@wesleyan.edu

Emily McDougal '22

Major: Romance Studies with minor in College of East Asian Studies 
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Languages: Spanish, Italian, Japanese
Contact: emcdougal@wesleyan.edu

Anna Nguyen '22

Major: Double major in CSS and Economics, with International Relations Certificate
Hometown: Lạng Sơn, Vietnam
Languages: English, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Korean
Contact: anguyen01@wesleyan.edu 

Richard Bennett '23


 Staff/Faculty Steering Committee

Kia Lor

Assistant Director of Language and Intercultural Learning
Fries Center for Global Studies

Jennifer Collingwood

Administrative Assistant 
Fries Center for Global Studies

Ana Pérez-Gironés

Adjunct Professor of Spanish
Romance Languages & Literatures

Eirene Visvardi

Chair and Associate Professor of Classical Studies  
Classical Studies Department

Camilla Zamboni

Assistant Professor in Italian
Romance Languages & Literatures

Iris Bork-Goldfield

Chair and Adjunct Professor of German Studies
German Studies Department