Human Resources


It is the responsibility of every employee to keep confidential and not disclose or misuse confidential or proprietary information about Wesleyan University, its faculty, students, or staff to any third parties or even to other Wesleyan employees who do not have a legitimate business reason to know about or have the information. Confidential information about Wesleyan may not be discussed or copied without proper authorization. 

In addition, the student directory, the faculty and staff directory, and other similar publications must be treated as confidential internal resources, not public information. Neither the directories nor the information in them may be released without permission. Callers seeking information that is or might be confidential should be referred as specified below.






Wesleyan from newspapers and other media… 

University Communications 

Students or requests to contact students… 

Student Affairs/Dean’s Office 

Faculty members or contacting faculty members off campus… 

Academic Affairs or Appropriate Academic Departments 

Current or former employees (except student employees)… 

Human Resources