Human Resources


Official personnel files are maintained in Human Resources and are considered confidential. Information in personnel files will be released only under the following circumstances. 


Information from personnel files is released internally only to others who have a legitimate reason for requesting it. For instance, if an employee applies for a promotion or transfer, information relevant to his or her background, skills, and performance may be provided to the hiring manager for that position. 

An employee may examine the contents of his or her personnel file and copy any filed documents by scheduling an appointment with Human Resources. 

It is the employee’s responsibility to keep his or her records current with the University. Employees should update their employee portfolio with any changes in address, phone numbers, or emergency contacts. Any change in benefit status should be reported to Any name change should be reported to Human Resources by presenting a new social security card in person. 


Information in an employee’s personnel file will be protected in accordance with University policy and consistent with Connecticut law. In general, Human Resources will release only employment status (currently employed, previously employed), employment date(s), salaries, and job title or category if the request is accompanied by a written consent. 


In order to effectively manage records created and maintained by the University and comply with legal standards for record retention and the maintenance of privacy, Wesleyan University has a record retention policy that employees should review carefully. For more information, please refer to: General Counsel