Human Resources


In an effort to promote a healthy and safe environment for all members of the Wesleyan community the University has expanded our current Smoking Policy. Currently, smoking of pipes, cigarettes and any other similar product, including e-cigarettes and vapor cigarettes, is prohibited in all faculty and administrative buildings (including all offices, common areas and classrooms). The expanded policy prohibits smoking within 25 feet from the perimeter of all university buildings. 

Research has found that secondhand smoke, also known as environmental tobacco smoke, is a Class A carcinogen and has detrimental effects on health. Additional findings have established that environmental tobacco smoke triggers asthma attacks and causes lung cancer, cardiovascular and lung diseases. 

In light of compelling research findings about the effects of environmental tobacco smoke, the University strongly discourages employees from smoking in areas where non-smokers cannot avoid exposure to smoke. 

Effective implementation of this policy depends upon the respect and cooperation of all members of the Wesleyan University community. We ask that you demonstrate your concern for your fellow colleagues by ensuring that you keep the appropriate distance from university buildings when you choose to smoke. Smoking receptacles have been placed around campus and we ask that you extinguish all smoking materials in these receptacles. 

The Office of Health Services provides assistance to employees who wish to stop smoking. If interested, we encourage all employees who smoke to contact them for more information on smoking cessation programs.