Human Resources


Each employee is expected to make an important contribution to the University. A formal performance review is conducted annually to discuss training and professional development needs and interests, to set goals for the coming year that support organizational goals, and to review job performance during the preceding twelve months. Newly hired employees will also receive a performance review within the first 90 days of their employment.

The performance of an employee is reviewed at least annually. To help departments with this process, Human Resources has developed an online performance review and goal setting form. 

The electronic performance review form is maintained in the employee’s portfolio and may be accessed any time. 

The review form is often used as a tool for discussion. Topics for discussion should be both general and specific. Suggested topics include: 

  • Performance of core position responsibilities; 
  • Goals for current position; 
  • Individual strengths; 
  • Development and training needs; 
  • Setting and accomplishing departmental priorities; and 
  • Short and long-term career aspirations.