Human Resources

Adverse Weather Policy 

In general, Wesleyan does not close due to adverse weather conditions unless the governor closes the roads – or unless we announce a closure for some other reason.  If this occurs there will be an announcement through the University’s emergency communication system as early as possible. 

Whether or not the University makes such an announcement, staff and faculty should use their judgment during adverse weather conditions about coming to work or leaving early. 

Should faculty decide to cancel their classes, they should alert their students and their departments.

For personal reasons staff members may need to leave work early or arrive late.  They should advise their supervisor of their decision.  In these circumstances, non-exempt staff will need to make up the time or use leave time to get paid.  Exempt staff who do not report for work must use accrued vacation time.  Based upon the needs of the departments, alternative arrangements can be made with a supervisor’s prior approval.  Supervisors will work with their staffs to provide adequate coverage.


On occasion, the University will delay opening administrative offices due to adverse weather conditions.  Office delays will be announced through the University’s emergency communication system as early as possible.  We do not broadcast announcements on local radio stations.


Especially in the most extreme weather, we rely on Public Safety and Physical Plant staff to protect the campus and our students.  Because of this, they are required to work.  There are also other areas that fall under this category.  Staff will be advised by their directors regarding their individual procedures.  We all recognize and appreciate the extra burden this places on these staff members.

Storm Parking Policy

At 11:00 pm on any day prior to a snowstorm, all faculty/staff parking lots will close with the exception of the V Lot on Vine Street and the 56 Hamlin Street parking lot.  Faculty and staff who have parking permits and would like to remain on campus beyond the closing time will be asked to relocate their vehicles to the V Lot or to 56 Hamlin Street.  Faculty and staff who are traveling out of town should use the Vine Street parking lot as a courtesy to colleagues.  Faculty and staff may call Public Safety for a ride to and from the Vine Street lot at night if necessary.  This policy does not apply to residential parking lots.