Human Resources


CAMPUS VISITORS (Friends, Family and Others) 

Wesleyan University has an open campus and welcomes visitors onto our campus. Friends and family members are welcome to visit the campus, but if they visit during your working hours, it should be during your break periods. It is expected that these visits will be occasional and short in duration. 

CHILDREN (Note: For the purposes of this policy, children are considered those under the age of 18) 

So that we may maintain a safe and productive campus environment, the following guidelines should be followed when you are at work on campus:

Parents should plan accordingly for the care of their children on days when children are sick, on snow days, during school holidays, or other occasions. The presence of children in the workplace (offices, laboratories, and classrooms) on a regular basis may cause difficulty and awkwardness for co-workers and other members of the campus community. While an emergency may arise when a parent would have to bring a child or children to work for a limited period of time, the University does not expect this to occur on a regular basis, especially given the concern for possible injuries and accidents for the children and possible disruption at the workplace. In certain areas on campus (e.g.. laboratories, machine shops, kitchens) there is great potential for children to harm themselves or create hazards for others since the work environment is unfamiliar to them. The presence of children may be prohibited in certain areas by the appropriate supervisor. Employees planning to bring a child or children into a workplace on an emergency basis should discuss with their supervisors the department’s or office’s ability to accommodate children, and should seek and receive their supervisor’s approval. Children must be under adult supervision at all times when present on campus. A child or children should be supervised by their parent or guardian while on campus.  Children on campus who are participating in a research project may be supervised by a responsible adult who is involved with the project.

Laboratories and other High Hazard Areas: No person under the age of 16, unless they are participating in a research project, may enter a Wesleyan laboratory. This includes teaching laboratories as well as research laboratories. For the purposes of this policy, laboratories and high hazard areas are considered any part of a building used or intended to be used for scientific or technical activities which may be dangerous. Risks of concern include chemicals, infectious agents, radioactive materials, physical hazards such as hydraulic equipment, potential for falls and cuts, etc.) Children under 18 are also prohibited from entering the Central Power Plant, mechanical and electrical rooms, confined spaces, roof tops, food preparation areas, shops containing power tools or machinery with exposed moving parts or rotating equipment, and rooms containing lasers, radioactive materials, or hazardous chemicals. 

Students between the ages of 16 and 18 may enter a Wesleyan laboratory as part of an organized tour conducted by a responsible faculty member, a Wesleyan approved education program, or individual educational mentorship with a faculty member. All proposed activities conducted by minors in Wesleyan laboratories must adhere to any restrictions imposed by the Wesleyan Environmental Health and Safety group and the responsible department head. 


Pet owners must use common sense, good judgment, and extend courtesy to others. Owners should recognize that individuals may have pet allergies or may otherwise be uncomfortable around pets. Pets must be on a leash and under control at all times when on campus. Pets shall not be tied to trees or signposts. Pets are not allowed on athletic fields or in gardens at any time, even if leashed. Owners must remove all waste. Owners are responsible for any property damage or injury to others. 

Pets are not allowed in any university building with the exception of rental housing, in which case the pet must be registered on the housing lease. Violations of this policy should be reported to Public Safety. Exceptions to this policy must be approved in advance by the President’s cabinet. Guide dogs are exempt from the restrictions of this paragraph. 


Wesleyan University prohibits: 

  • Working while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs; and 
  • Unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs on University property or while participating in any University-sponsored activity. 

NOTE: Any employee is required to notify the Associate Vice President of Human Resources within five days of any criminal drug conviction for a violation in the work place or during work hours. 

Violation of this prohibition will result in discipline up to and including termination. In some limited instances, and in addition to other available measures, the University may require employees who violate this section to participate in rehabilitation programs outside the University as a condition of continuing employment. 

For help with problems of drug and alcohol abuse, please contact the Wesleyan University Employee Assistance Provider (EAP). For more information, please refer to: EAP