Human Resources



Employees who voluntarily resign should give as much notice as possible (at least two weeks). Resignation notices should be submitted in writing to a supervisor or department head with a copy sent to Human Resources. 


Employees are “at will” employees and their employment may be terminated by the University at anytime with or without cause. 


Any employee experiencing difficulty performing his or her job satisfactorily should seek advice and help from his or her supervisor and/or from Human Resources. 

There is no guarantee, however, that unsatisfactory job performance can be corrected in all cases, and the University reserves the right to terminate employment at its discretion. Employment at Wesleyan University is on an at will basis; therefore either party may end the employment relationship at anytime. Employees who have been terminated for any reason other than a position elimination may not be rehired by the University. 


Where appropriate, Wesleyan University may provide counseling for employees whose performance is judged unsatisfactory. The counseling process may include: 

• Discussion of instances of unsatisfactory job performance or inappropriate conduct; 

• Discussion regarding acceptable levels of performance required 

• An opportunity to correct the problem(s). 

If the employee’s performance or conduct continues to be unsatisfactory, a supervisor or department head may take further corrective action after consultation with Human Resources. Corrective actions may include written warning, or discharge, based on the seriousness of the performance deficiency and the employee’s work record. 


On the last day of employment, employees who resign or who are terminated must return all University property which may include: keys, library materials, staff identification card, computer equipment, documents and manuals. Vacation time or other paid time off cannot be used to extend the effective date of termination beyond the Employee’s last day of work.


Employees who have been employed at Wesleyan for more than one year and who are terminated by the University for reason(s) other than for cause may be eligible in the University’s sole discretion, for certain severance benefits. 

Employees who execute a written release provided by the University and who meet the qualifications described above may be eligible for: 

  • Four weeks of severance pay; 
  • Two weeks of additional severance pay for every year over two years of service with a maximum benefit of twenty-six weeks; 
  • Continuation of health insurance at employee rates for the same number of weeks; or 
  • Continuation of tuition assistance for courses in which the employee, spouse or domestic partner are already enrolled. 

Employees who are hired for positions with a specified term or whose positions are grant-funded are not eligible for university severance benefits.