Collegium Musicum

The Collegium Musicum is a performance ensemble dedicated to exploring and performing the diverse vocal and instrumental repertories of the medieval, Renaissance, and baroque periods of European music history. Emphasis is given to the study of musical style, performance practice, singing and playing one-on-a-part, and excellence in performance. Various cultural aspects of the societies that produced the music under study are simultaneously explored; participants will work with primary source materials, such as facsimiles of musical manuscripts, as well as literary and historical writings.

Collegium Auditions - This course is offered every spring semester

Students should email Prof. Jane Alden ( with a statement of suitability for/interest in the course. Include details of their background in choral singing and voice work in general. The Professor will assess the student's suitability and help them prepare for an audition if deemed necessary. Any background or interest in manuscripts and European history will be an advantage, due to the nature of the materials that the group will sing.   


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