Ph.D. Dissertations in Ethnomusicology

Abstracts, citations, and full text
(available within the Wesleyan domain only, courtesy of the ProQuest database of UMI)


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Sam, Sam-Ang. The Pin Peat Ensemble: Its History, Music and Context

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Brown, Leonard L. Some New England African American Musicians' Views on Jazz: An Ethnomusicological Study

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Galm, Eric A.   Beyond the Roda: The Berimbau de Barriga in Brazilian Music and Culture

Netsky, Hankus   Klezmer in 20th Century Philadelphia


Catra, I Nyoman   Penasar: A Central Mediator in Balinese Dance Drama/Theater

Lancefield, Robert   Charles Hearing orientality in (white) America, 1900-1930

McGraw, Andrew Clay  Musik Kontemporer: Experimental Music by Balinese Composers


Hadley, Peter Duncan   The Didjeridu Dispersion: The Transmission and Transformation of a Hollow Log


Ferrigno, Emily Daus   Technologies of Emotion: Creating and Performing Drum 'N' Bass

Poplawska, Marzanna   Inculturation and Christian Music in Indonesia

Wu, Chao-Jung   Performing Postmodern Taiwan: Gender, Cultural Hybridity, and the Male Crossdressing Show


Dewar, Andrew Raffo.   Handmade Sounds: The Sonic Arts Union and American Technoculture

Hurie Ranvig, Harriotte Cook,   Taking It To The Third Level: A Model for Identifying Aspects of Personal Style In The Khayal Genre

Strand, Julie Lynn.   The Sambla Xylophone: Tradition and Identity in Burkina Faso


Cambria, Vincenzo  Music and Violence in Rio de Janeiro: A Participatory Study in Urban Ethnomusicology

Eagleson, Ian M.  From Thum to Benga International: Continuity and Change in the Music of the Luo of Kenya, 1950-2010

Ingram, Amelia  Parang in Perspective: Spanish Creole Culture and Nationalism in Trinidad

Oba, Junko  Performing Japaneseness in a Time of Postnational Transition


Arevalo Mateus, Jorge  Somos Colombianos en Nueva York/ We Are Columbians in New York: An Ethnography of a Colombian Musicians Community, 1995-2010

Field, Garrett,  Music for the Majority: Sinhala Song and the 1956 Cultural Revolution of Sri Lanka

Stele, Peter M.  Balinese Hybridities: Balinese Music as Global Phenomena


Scherbenske, Amanda, Multiplicity and Belonging among New York City Improvisor-Composers, 2000-2011


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Eriksen, Timothy, Old Folks' Concerts: The Meaning and Mushrooming of an Antiquarian Music Craze, 1853-1856

Kim, Hae Joo, Hearing the Korean Global: Hallyu in the Music of K-dramas

Malik, Muhammad Usman, Global Cultural Flows and the Post-9/11 Secularization of Sufi Music of Pakistan

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Colwell, Andrew Hamilton, Sounding Original: Nature, Indigeneity, and Globalization in Mongolia (and Southern Germany)

Dankwa, John Wesley, When the Gyil Speaks: Music, Emotions, and Performance in Dagaaba Rituals

Ishiguro, Maho A., Localization of Islam and its Engagement with Women's Practice of Acehnese Dance and Music in Three Indonesioan Citites

Sonderegger, Sean Alexander, New World, New Music: Creative Music Communities in New Haven and Woodstock in the 1970's and Their Legacies


Terwilliger, Andrew The Sonic Construction of Identity in Taipei's Kuajie (Crossover) Music Scene


Li, Huan, Gender, Creativity, and Training: Transformation of Peking Opera Qinshi in Contemporary China

Terwilliger, Andrew Charles, The Sonic Construction of Identity in Taipei's Kuajie (Crossover) Music Scene


Lu, Chia-Yu Joy, Theater as a Feminine Space:Music, Gender, and National Politics in Koa-á-hì (Taiwanese Opera)


Kiman, Douglas, Klezmer Music and Jewish Festivals in Urban Europe: Sonic and Territorial Symbiosis

Lai, Gene, Same but Different: Borrowing Signs and Citing the Aesthetic of Soundedness in the Development and Invention of Indian Youth Folk Drumming Ensembles in Singapore