Chinese Music Ensemble

Joy Lu - Director, Chinese Music Ensemble

Wesleyan Chinese Music Ensemble is made up of a variety of traditional Chinese instruments, including plucked lutes and zithers, hammered dulcimer, bowered fiddles, and bamboo/reed flutes. It is an active music group dedicated to exploring the modern Chinese ensemble and a variety of Chinese music styles.  

There have been a number of student Chinese music groups at Wesleyan starting from the early 1980s. Beginning from fall of 2002, with the collaborative effort of the Center for East Asian Studies and Music Department, Chinese Music Ensemble became a course. Each semester, students from diverse backgrounds participate in the ensemble, giving concerts that attract audiences from both Wesleyan and the larger community.

The class is designed to be hands-on and experiential, encouraging students to explore the basic ideas of Chinese music and culture through weekly rehearsals, practices, and performances. Students from diverse backgrounds are welcome to participate; no prerequisites are necessary. The ensemble meets twice a week, each for 90 minutes. In this class, students will learn traditional and contemporary instrumental pieces of Chinese music, as well as different regional styles. The ensemble will present a concert at the end of each semester. 


Chinese Ensemble Auditions:

Please attend the first class to audition.


Questions? Email the instructor Joy Lu (

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