Senior Honors Theses in Music  


Ferwerda, John E.  Original Music Composition.


Hoyt, Charles A.  Jazz and its Origin.


Costello, Robert B.  The Piano: Its Music, Techniques, and Cultural Role from the Baroque to the Present.


Donohue, Richard W.  Successful Programming Procedures for the Vocal Artist.


Higgins, Jon B.  Mridanga Padamurai (Mridanga Lessons).

McClellan, Myron S.  Ten Compositions in the Fields of Indeterminate and Experimental Music.


Ross, Thomas W.  Tape. Original Music.


Maue, Kenneth G.  “Going Home” – Original Music.

Simon, John Douglas, Jr.  Modes of Artistic Perception: Alvin Lucier’s Chambers.


Knight, Douglas M., Jr.  A Reaction to Learning Mridangam Accompaniment and Notes to a Performance of South Indian Music Given May 1, 1970.

Toth, Andrew F.  The Gamelan Sekati of Central Java.

Zummo, Peter J.  Instructor’s Manual for Performing Workshop.


Gillett, Glenn David.  Investigation of Improvisatory Experience.

LeRoy, Robert W.  Classical Music of South India.


Johnson, Mark A.  Structural Composition: Theory and Application.

Kaloyanides, Michael G.  The Musical Heritage of Crete.


Lynes, Christopher R.  “Flying Blind”.


Anderson, Nancy Louise.  Interpretation and Performance of German Lieder.

Barbera, Charles Andre.  Concertato Style/Form.

Forrest, Wayne Jeffrey.  Aspects of Sulukan in Javanese Music: A Discussion of Change.

Goldman, Ronald H.  Underlying Concepts of Performance.

Goldstein, Ilene Edwina.  A Performance and Analysis from the Works of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, and Persichetti.

Pearson, Nathan Williams, Jr.  Mance Lipscomb: An American Musician.

Quigley, Donald Samuel.  The Rebab as a Reference Point in Central Javanese Gamelan.

Rotherburg, Roger Lee.  The Music of Rocky Lee and His Bad Companions.


Smith, Sherrie.  A Performance and Analysis from the Works of Haydn, Beethoven, Bartòk, and Chopin.

Strachan, Donald.  “Soul Translation” – A Spiritual Suite for Orchestra.


Blacker, Melissa.  Kenas, Charangos and Tubas: Musical Style and Context among the Indians of Capachica, Peru.

Brainard, John.  Dreamin’.

Collins, Nicholas.  Experimental Music.

Davis, Nina.  Performance and Analysis of Settings of Goethe’s Mignon-Leider.

Griffith, Oliver.  Compositions and Arrangements for Large and Small Jazz Ensemble.

Swing, Pamela.  Da Farder Ben Da Wylcomer: (The More You’re With Us, The More You’re Welcome): Shetland Island Fiddle Music.


Bruce, Phyllis Mackowitz.  A Preliminary Investigation of American Women Song Composers of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries.

David, Susan.  Jazz Composition and Performance.

Kendall, Sarah.  Another Pilgrim’s Progress.

Topalian, Elyse.  A Recital of Russian Music.

Weismiller, Peter.  Esoteric Learning and the Navagraha Kritis of Muttuswamy Dikshitar.


Bilson, Gretchen A.  Original Compositions.

Campbell, Jeffrey Y.  Nepali Adhunik Sangit: A Description of the Popular Music of Nepal within the Framework of Traditional and Classical Musics.

Gaylord, Deborah L.  Living with the Dead – A Study of Communication with the Dead in the Social and Ritual Life of the Belizean Garifuna.

Kerner, Winifred.  Piano Recital.

Lockwood, Winthrop F.  Concert of Indian Music.

Nussenbaum, David L.  Three Early Settings of Metastasio’s L’Olimpiade.

Richman, Karen E.  Servitors and Their Masters: An Analysis of Ritual Performance in Haiti.

Scolnick, Julie.  Flute Recital.

Sturken, Carl A.  Early Jazz Guitar.

Tuerk, Francine L.  Stewart Robertson: An Oral History.

Williams, Lenora Sampson.  Voice Recital.


Condaris, Christine.  Greek Orthodox Church Music: The Chrysanthean Period.

Freudenheim, John M.  Mridangam Accompaniment in the Classical Music of South India.

Koplowitz, Stephan M.  Music and the Visual/Media Arts.

Kottmeyer, Laurie J.  Sindhenan (Javanese Vocal Music).

Miller, Thomas.  Quincunx: Music and Movement for Experimental Ensemble.

Pugh, Guy F.  A Recital of Songs.

Samuels, David W.  Music and Self-Image: The Changing Place of Music in a Modern Apache Community.

Wahl, Sharon.  Piano Recitals.

Wessel, Kenneth L.  A Dog’s Music: Composition, Arrangement and Performance of Original and Non-Original Music.


Abajian, Aram Christian.  Digital Dharma.

Bauer, Tamar.  Senior Violin Recital.

Bergeron, Katherine A.  MISSA (Musical Composition).


Frank, Andrew C.  Explorations in the Use of Real-Time Data Processors and Musical Instruments in Performance.

Frishman, Marcie L.  Ancient Hebrew Musical Practices in the Time of the First Temple.

Lang, Cheung-Wai.  Piano Concert.

McHale, Ellen E.  French Canadian to Franco-American: A Study of the Music Culture of Derby, Vermont.

Reaney, Warford S.  South Indian Vina Recital.

Shapiro, Alan M.  Four Compositions in the Jazz Idiom: “Hot Sauce,” “King Edward and King Charles—The Greats,” “First Suite,” “Al’s Well That Ends Well.”

Stewart, Sylvie H.  “An Evening of Music” (with a touch of Theater).

Stone, Philip K.  Fuller Sound.

Urban, Bryant M.  Four Compositions: “Eb Tide,” “Norumbega,” “Whitebird,” “The Twayne Shall Meet.”


Alter, Andrew Burton.  Piano Concert.

Charloff, Ruth Anne.  Piano Recital.

Kidwell, Susan Allison.  Senior Piano Recital Program Notes.

Lancefield, Robert Charles.  Original Compositions in the Afro-American Tradition.

Levin, Robert Harris.  “World Music of Jazz.”

Loucky, David Lubomir.  A Trombophonium Affair: Standard and Uncommon Works for Trombone and Euphonium by Czech, Polish, Hungarian, French, Argentine, and American Composers.

Skillman, Teri Leigh.  Kathak.


Elliot, Jan.  Baroque Music for Recorder and Traditional Music and Dance from the British Isles.

Neely, Alison G.  Piano Recital.

Norris, Megan P.  Senior Honors Thesis Project.

Post, Marian R.  A Recital.

Roseman, Edward B.  The Sea Horse.

Wolff, David L.  Metatheory of Performance.


Berman, Donald L.  Selected Works Performed by Donald Berman.

Burger, Heidi.  Music Recital.

deVaron, Alexander M.  A Couple of Things – 5 concerts and explanatory notes and colloquium.

Hallarman, Lynn E.  Baroque and 20th Century Music for the Flute.

Romano, Martin.  Four Songs About Supermarkets.

Thom, Jennifer.  “A Musical Affair…” a Thesis Recital.


Dunn, Max.  Honors Thesis Concert.

Griffiths, Ward.  Prime Time Tunes.

Wimmer, Kevin.  Music on the Devil’s Box.


Cion, Shira.  Outside Event – Music, Dance, Theater (ensemble ritual).

Hamburger, David.  Mail for my Boxmate: An Exploration of the Role of the Guitar in Jazz.

Reiss, Wayne Jefferson.  Reiss’s Pieces.


Brandon, Jennifer.  Senior Vocal Performance.

Hewitt, Emily.  Opera – “Elysian Farm” – a farce.

Mason, Gabrielle.  Vocal Performance: Opera and Art Song.

Neuman, Douglas.  A Senior Thesis in Piano Performance.

Osborn, Edward.  Watching the Zamboni: Notes on the Music of Ed.

Reid-Schwartz, Matthew.  Flute: A Senior Thesis Concert.


Connell, Elizabeth C.  Richard Strauss and Gabriel Fauré: Personal Approaches to Song Composition.

Hedges, James.  Notes.

Nashel, Peter.  Jazz at the Hall.

Schurgin, Gwenn D.  A Saxophonist’s Plight: A Personal Essay.

Taylor, Michael E.  The Keyboard World of William Croft.


Broening, Benjamin.  Recent Compositions.

MacKenzie, Douglas.  A Study in South Indian Rhythmic Patterning and Accompaniment.

Scher, Jason.  Three Pieces.

Searles, Julie.  Songs of Brasil.

Sobel, Adam.  Adam’s Best Apples.


Bardfeld, Samuel J.  Catgut Composite.

Cobe, Russell A.  A Suite of Sacred Music.

Gabay, Jacqueline E.  Senior Piano Recital.

Morgan, Kelly S.  Béla Bartòk and Marguerite Beclard D’Harcourt: The Study of Folk Music and the Beginnings of Ethnomusicology.

Rosen, Merri-Jane.  Recital of Solo and Chamber Works for Oboe and the Romantic Age in Music: Its Effects on the Use of the Oboe.

Springer, Elise.  Music as Erotic: Perspectives of Selfhood.

Terry, Brett C.  The Persistence and the Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory.

Will, Catharina M.  Listening to the Gamelan.


Chatzky, Jeremy William.  Imitating Art: The Use of Found Sound Material in 20th Century Western Music and Notes from the Concert.

Dawson, Marshall Lane.  Performance Diary.

Desmond, James Murray.  Performance Write-Up.

Eisengart, Charles Andrew.  Performance Notes.

Gelazis, Julija Jurate.  Vakarone: A Lithuanian-American Musical Experience.

Holshouser, William Hosea.  The Big Wooden Box and the Breathing Typewriter: Braxton Compositions and Arrangements for Small Groups Featuring Piano and Accordion.

Neuman, Charles Philip.  True But Irrelevant.


Frankel, Melissa K.  Mysticism in the Music and Lives of Erik Satie and Claude Debussy.

Gertner, Eric Timothy.  Music and Dance of Ghana.

Mulhauser, Chris.  The Care and Feeding of the Musical Genre.

Snyder, Jesse M.  Music and Cultural Identity Among the Indian Community in Connecticut.


Foster, Jonathon Barrows.  Sound Installations: Concrete Sound and Physical Form.

McLeod, Rodd Christopher.  Opportunities and Impossibilities.

Steinfeld, Jessica.  Escapism in Unaccompanied Secular Choral Music.


Gilbert, Jesse Lukas.  Through-Space Projections.

Rosenberg, Scott Alan.  A Moment of Our Time.


Bartell, Leah.  Outside the Canon: Examining Public and Private in the Lives of Fanny Hensel and Clara Schumann.

Bell, Josh Bowles, IV.  Music for Most Anything.

Cimmet, Brian H.  e-love.

Corwin, Alex David.  Induced Flow Fields in an Ether Resonator.

Grenier, David G.  Public Creative Process.

Patton, Brandon Quinn.  Barking at the Word (An Original Composition) and a paper, exploring Sound, Music and Language through the Nonsense of Futurism and Dada.

Piper, Daniel Clifford.  Overt Exchanges.

Wilmers, Chris.  Understanding the Mind.


Fox, Kevin Philip.  An Analysis of Structure in Selected Twentieth Century Mass Settings to Accompany an Original Setting Entitled Missa Brevis I.

Holder, Trevor Shaun.  Time, Space, and Dialogue in Music.

Hung, Eric Hing-Tao.  Ferruccio Busoni’s Nachdichtungen: “Eclectic” Reworkings of Bach?

Lanin, Benjamin Jay.  Twelve Preludes for Guitar.

Loubet Thom Carlyle.  Jazzin’ the Blues: The Life and Music of Lonnie Johnson.

Lubkowski, Carol Irene.  Hearing Voices.

Roufa, Michael Steven.  The Voice as Instrument: A Comparative Study of the Classical Singing Styles of Western Europe and South India.


Gilmore, Britta Q.  The Structure and Function of Aesthetic Disruption in Selected Works of Béla Bartók.

Girard, Aaron.  Voice-Leading and Expression in the Accompanied Recitatives of J. S. Bach.

Harbert, Benjamin J.  Hybrid Structures: Negotiating Plural Musical Forms as a Creative Musician.

Higgins, Nicholas.  Armature and Alankara (Structure and Ornamentation).

Rosenblatt, Joshua.  Musical Lobsters and Other Tricks.

Steckler, Matthew.  The Formal Agenda in Composition.


Bynum, Taylor Franklin Ho.  Mumbo Jumbo Music and SpiderMonkey Stories: Compositions 1994-1997.

Clarke, Ayanda.  The Complexity of Simplicity: The Science of West African Drumming.

Gilbert, Daniel.  Creative Reflections of a Changing America: Charles Mingus and John Coltrane in the Civil Rights Era.

Hege, Anne K.  Ensemble Expressions.

Hill, Jennifer.  Redefining Musical Tradition in the Northern Andes.

McPherson, Steven.  Sugar Sweet: Musicological and Esoteric Approaches to Blues Modality and the Work of Muddy Waters.

Moyer, Justin.  Don’t Smoke/Don’t Drink/Don’t Fuck: Straight Edge and Semiotic Warfare.

Ronick, Eric.  Marat/Sade: A Score.

Shane, Nancy R.  Carmina Cornica.

Smith, Justin S.  Towards A New American Opera: A Historical and Musical Examination of Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeny Todd.

Speck, John.  “Con Swing y Sentimiento”: The Trombone in Salsa Music.

Torrisi, Jessie.  Unleashed Rhythm: A Journey Through Cameroon.

Vora, Kalindi Ann.  The Thing Itself: Exercises in the Music and Ritual of Chanting.


Buescher, Michael.  Digging in the Dirt: Towards an Understanding of Roots and the Individual in West African Popular Music.

Correa, Karen.  “Se Cerca, Se Dice…” The Metastasian Drama & 18th Century Aesthetics.

Dellinger, Seth.  Original Compositions of Music and Language.

George, Kareem A.  Frederick’s “Enlightened” State: The Musical Politics of Eighteenth-Century Prussia.

Hoyt, Samuel.  Playing Music.

Koulomzin, Daniel.  Improvisation Within Structure.

Moore, John A.  The Rock Star.

Patterson, Nathan.  Europe, meet Jazz: A study of the cross influences between jazz and European music in the 20th Century.

Sen, Kabir.  Socially Conscious Rap: An Examination of Political Lyricism’s Development from Gil Scott Heron to Hip Hop.

Starns, Sarah.  Blue Chevy Song Book.

Stewart, Paul.  A Functional Understanding of Charles Mingus.

Thompson, Rachel.  Rethinking the ‘Divine Arabesque’: A Critical Approach to Claude Debussy and the Javanese Kampong from the 1889 Exposition Universelle.

Uehlinger, Kevin.  Thesis Compositions.


Adamian, John.  Fruit and Weapon of the Struggle: The Legacy of Guinea’s State-Funded Music.

Danforth, Sadie.  Conceptions of the Woman Composer: A Study of Amy Beach.

Geremia, Stephanie.  A Celebration of Chaos.

Kennedy-Grant, Alexander.  New Patterns.

Lehman, Stephen.  The Music of Jackie McLean.

Mundy, Rachel.  Messiaen and Color: Seeing Things as They Really Are.

Rahaim, Matt.  Simulogical Education.

Schatz, Noam.  Indiscriminate Graying: A Handbook in New Rhythmism.

Sterling, Ben.  The Potential of Connection.

Tobias, Meredith.  Women and Redemption Through Love in 18th and 19th-Century Opera.

Tuzzolo, Gregory.  My Vibrating Soul: Music for Quartet and Octet.

Westman, Aaron.  Musical Quotations and Black Boxes in the Works of Dmitri Shostakovich.

Whalen, Gregory.  Patterns in the 371 Chorales of J. S. Bach.


Bell, Julia Miriam.  BAM Rebuilt: The Institutional Role of the Brooklyn Academy of Music in Reconstructing An American Musical Identity During the Progressive Era.

Bihldorff, David Nicholas.  Transcultural Inspiration in Pop Music.

Hanlon, David Stephen.  Improvisation in Western Art Music: Two Case Studies.

Munno, Steven Paul.  Mandalas: Original Scores for Performance and Listening Mediation.

Rubin, Nina Stephanie.  In Pursuit of Tradition: Dare re Zimbabwe and the Preservation of Shona Music in North America.

Scholnick, Daniel Lloyd.  Rub’ al Khali: The Empty Quarter of Tabla.

Shapiro, Darcie Naomi.  Collective Breath.

Sidhu, Sujata Elam.  Corporeality: Post-Atlantean Evolution through Changes in Intervallic Systems.

Tan, Sherina Yen Ling.  Westernization of Chinese Music in Historical Context (1930’s-1976) and the Merge of the East and West in Three Piano Transcriptions of Traditional Chinese Music.


Binnick, Jason.  Duke Ellington's Film Scores (With an Appendix of Original Compositions).

Chioh, Ee Ling.  Significant Contributions to the Development of the Marimba and its Repertoire.

Dingman, Chris.  Bobby Hutcherson: Reflections of Life in Music.

Gentry, Phil.  Queer Networks, Musical Desire: Experimental Music in California, 1931-1941.

Goodwin, Tyler.  The Double Bass in the Twentieth Century.

Halvorson, Mary.  The Spiritual: An Analysis.

Jerome, Erin.  Mozart Had A Sister? Putting Three Musical Women into Social Context.

Keiper, Tim.  Music as a Means of Spiritual Development and a Path to Enlightenment.

Rainey, Samara.  Mirrors of Orientalism: Toru Takemitsu and Music Aesthetics in the Later Twentieth Century.

Rogove, Greg.  New Methods for Adapting Tabla Material onto the Drum Set.

Whelden, Schuyler.  Lingering Impressions and Poetic Digressions.

Sherman, Bill.  The Effects of African American Music on West African Popular Music Post-1990


Brown, Joseph. The History and Development of the Drum Set Solo

Demisch, Robert. Step Off the Edge: A Guide to Rock Composition

Forscher, Mark. Electronic Music Composition

Ghertner, Robin. Hoy La Rumba

Jones, Stephanie. Opera, Science Fiction, and Meaning: An Introduction to "The Foetus Follies"

Karlesberg, Jesse. Activated Spaces

Looker, Charles. Vague Rigor: On Two Composition

Maclead, Iain. A Lyres's Tale

Morrison, Samuel. The Faces of South Africa's Jazz

Salkovskaya, Juliya. Thoughts on Language...

Tranchina, Nicholas. The Back Seat: A New Gamelan


Berman, William. "Troo Kvit": Extreme Metal Fans and Virtual Distinction

Cortez-Greig, Shanta. Reflecting Impulse

Eastman, Timothy. Sound/Not Sound

Encarnacion, Enrico. The Guitar in Jazz: It's Birth, Development & Integration Into Jazz

Lake, Robert. Essays on Fluxus

Paige, Aaron. Without Disturbing the Mood: Mrdangam Accompaniment in Carnatic Music

Raimi, Daniel. A Distinct Approach: The Music of Paul Motian

St. Clair, Daniel. Disappearing Acts

Weinstein, Anna. Amoris Patriae nutric Carmen: Patriotic Music & An American Religious Identity


Ahl, David. Hip-Hop Production and Technology: The Science of Sound

Brick, Ashley. Musical Nationalism in 20th Century Argentina

Cotel, Sivan. Musical Memories from a Commercial Childhood

Herman, Eric. The Categorization and Marketing of African Music in America

Kelly, Matthew. Where We're Going and What We've Left Behind: Arts Education in New York City Public Schools and the influence of No Child Left Behind

Leinwand, Ethan. 6 Compositions by Ethan Leinwand

O'Connor, Simon. Magnifique: Genre, Race the Phenomenon of the "Crossover" in Popular Music

Ruder, David. Ensembles Amassing: Musical Overlap in Works by John Cage, Neely Bruce, Anthony Braxton, and John Zorn

Schoen, James. The Fruit Fallen: Compositions in Orchestral Rock

Swofford, William. *anahata* the rituals of akasha

Zayaruzny, Anna. Hearing Voices in Machaut's Motets


Aprile, Andrew. Feedback: Popular Music and Society in Ghana and Senegal

Bryant, Joshua. The "Power of Judgement" in Kant, Thoreau and Cage

Cohen, Rob. The Influence of Frank Zappa and Sun Ra on a Young Composer, Musician, and Thinker

Foy, Nyasha. The Style is American but the Language is French: Hip Hop Culture through Rap Music in France & the US

Kiss, Gergely. On the Lieder of Franz Liszt

Louis, Smith. George Gershwin: American Culture in Music

McDonald, Christopher. Songs About Distance

Ouimette, Laura. Keeping the Congregation: Angelican Worship Music and Church Growth

Perry, Sarah. Cello Concerto No. 1 - Explanations of my Cello Concerto No. 1

Schuhmann, Reinhardt. The Cost of Culture: Copyright Law in Ghana

Sourdiffe, Asa. Jazz Violin Technique: Stuff Smith in Comparison with his Contemporaries

Taylor, Aaron. Tintinnabuli and Modernishm: Reevaluating the Popular Image of Arvo Part

Testa, Carl. Duke Ellington and Anthony Braxton: An Analysis of Border Crossing in Art Worlds

Witkin, Deborah. The Musical Treatment of Poetic Enjambement in Early Fifteenth-Century Rondeaux


Bishop, Marlon. Part 1: Tango in America, 1913-1925: Outsider Music at the Birth of the Popular

Cordes, David. Essentially Ellington: Canon and It's Consequences

Gutkovich, Vladimir. Funk is its Own Reward: The Moving power of Parliament Funkadelic

Heath, Max. Transience and Transcendence "In the Aeroplane over the Sea"

Hill, Albert. A Summation, An Exploration

Hurder, Michael. A Transformative Power of Love: A Study in Composition and Collage

Ingpen, Jeremy. Hovering Harmony: Scriabin's Fifth Sonata

Monahon-Ward, Caley. Counter Culture, Country Culture: What MAde Charlie Daniels Country

Reilly, Jack. Systems, Methods, and Controls

Webb, Nathaniel. Sit Down and Shout! Reactions of Rock Music to the Classical Tradition


Ash-Morgan, Nate. The New Hip-life Beat: Rooted in Ga Drumming

Boyer-Dry, Jonathan. Transforming Traditional Music in the Midst of Contemporary Change: The Survival of Cultural Troupes in Accra, Ghana

Harris, Daniel. Senior Thesis: Original Compositions, Essay and Performance

McKenney, Alice. Wesleyan University's World Instrument Collection: A Biographical Analysis

Meyer, Zachary. No Hay Revolucion Sin Canciones: The Role of Music in Modern Andean Social Movements

O'Connell, Bendan. Futuree Circuits: Live Electronic Music from David Tudor and Beyond

Pappadopoulos, Nick. Smith, Waller, Johnson: The Birth of Stride

Sirlin, Jonathan. Music Education and the Orchestra: Common Pedagogical Techniques and Their Impact on Seven Original Compositions

Tinkle, Adam. Back to the Garden: Pastoralism, Country Rock and Authenticity in the U.S. Counterculture, 1968-1970

Walters, Doug. Causes and Solutions For The Recent Decline In Recorded Music Sales

Weinberg, Leah. String Theory

Yaspan, Alan. Fishscales

Young, Zachary. Twentieth-Century Compositional Resources


Degraf, Galen. Situating Salsa Through Tito Puente's Life and Music

Edwards, Paul. Memories of the Civil War in Popular Song

Fowler, Brittany. Neoclassical Idioms in Ottorino Respighi's "Lauder per Nativita del Signore"

Franklin, William. Black Hands White Palms

Moench, David. Music for Steven Kellogg's The Island of the Skog: Scores and Analysis

Moise, Claude. Jazz, Cartoons, and Jazz Cartoons

Newman, Joseph. Plagiarism as Art: Musical Borrowing and Copyright Law

Ottinger, Samuel. Black Friday: A Rock Opera in Two Acts

Tu, Xiaoxi. Modernist Aesthetics and Post Modern Opera


Bernstein, Ben. Call and Response in Bach, Court Gamelan, and Bjork

Cheng, Vickie. Comparative Analyses of Different Musical Settings of the Same Text in the Genre of German Lieder

Furtado, Gabriel. The Progression of Villa-Lobos Compositional Style from the Suite Popular to the Doze Estudos

Horvitz, Asa. Singing the Body, Singing the Other, and Ensemble Organum's Messe de Notre Dame

Martello, Anthony. 8-Bit Heroes: A Look in the Development and Presence of Early Video Game Musc in Popular Culture

Rusli, Robert. Hisaishi'd Away: An Analysis of Joe Hisaishi's Film Scoring Technique

Sereten, Ben. Mama's Birthday Boy: Ten Short Essays on Aurthur Russell

Sheehan, Emily. Critical Song: Exploring Songwriting's Value and Pedagogy in Prison

Sinclair-McCalla, Carolyn. A We Dis?!: The Contestation of Jamaica's Post-Independence Identity in the Jamaica Festival Song Competition

Staub, Ian. Redubbung the Underground: Cassette Culture in Transition

Tan, Hansel. Musical 'Beastliness' in the Roman de Fauvel (BN fr, 146): Chaillou's 'addicions' and Sensory Danger

Troll, Emily. Practicing Craft in Context: An Analysis of Contra Dance Fiddling Practices

Walsh, Lindsay. Brazil is Samba: Rhythm, Percussion, and Samba in the Formation of Brazilian National Identity (1902-1958)

Wang, Melody. Music: An Alternative Education for Correctional Facilities

Wright, Lindsay. Investigating Improvisation: Music Performance and the Disciplinary Divide

Youngdahl, Erik. Play Us a Song: The Structure and Aesthetics of Music in Video Games


Arthen, Donovan If You Can Say It,  You Can Play It

Gauvey-Kern, Elizabeth.  A Story With No Words

House, Allison.  Narrative Music and the Concept Album: A Case Study of Nine Inch Nails, The Downward Spiral 

Luby, Nicholas.  Authenticity in Musical Performance: An Analytical Critique

Morgan, Kelly.  "Pas de Frontieres": Experiencing Intra-African Musical Movements in Morocco

Myers, Jonathan.  Orbital Collisions

Paul, Jared.  Reduced by Rick Rubin: Production Process, Pitfalls and Impacts

Rodger, Ryan.  Echo Music

Russo, Louis.  The Influence of Virtuosi on the Development of the Double Bass

Scahill, Katherine.  Hildegarde of Bingen: Prophet or Composer?

Sellier, Matthew.  The Artist's Refuge: Idiosyncratic Properties of the Organ Language of Jehan Alain

Strother, Lucia.  The Cello Suites of Bach and Britten: History, Form and Performance

Weiss, Emily.  Exploring the Superunknown: Composition and the Music of Soundgarden


Callahan, Owen Earl Bostic: Up There in Orbit

Chung, Andrew.  Lewinian Transformations, Transformations of Transformations, Musical Hermeneutics

Curtice, Sean.  Notes on a New Piano Concerto in F Major, and the Works that Inspired It

Hattendorf, Spencer.  Language Barrier: Identity Poitics, Ownership, and The White Artist

Heau, Noah.  Music Psychotherapy: An Assessment of Research Methods

Lana, Lana.  "Allegro de Krontjong": Life and Works of Amir Pasaribu

Leich, Nathaniel.  Longing in Suburbia: Figurative Soundscapes in Popular Music

Long, Samuel.  From Source to Sea: A River Thesis

Mondschein, Nathan.  A Union of Forms: Contemporary Interpretation and Application of Wagner's Gesamtkunstwerk Within the Mediums of Music and Poetry

Peisner, Aaron.  Between Order and Chaos: An Exploration of Power Dynamics and Democratic Rehearsal Techniques in School Choirs

Potters, Myles.  Digital Listening: The Reproduced Musical Work

Rodi, Alan.  The Evolution of Western Representations of China through an Operatic Lens

van Kan, Brianna.  Blue Notes from the Underground: Jazz in the USSR


Bularzik, Edward.  If Words Could Speak: A Musical History of Hip-Hop's Golden Age

Burvant, Robert.  Memory Lane:  The Tonal Language of Elliott Smith

Goodell, Brian.  Music of the English Reformation: A Divided Culture

Ibarra, Emily.  Foundations of Female Gender Identity and Performativity in Rock 'n' Roll: Patti Smith, Joan Jett, and Kathleen Hanna

Lee, Brian.  From Performance to Perception

Lough, Alex.  Reshaping Traditions

Molofsky, Henry.  The Question of Musical Meaning: A Study of Symbols, Universals, and Charles Ives' Concord Sonata

Robertson, Henry.  Dancin' Along to Those Old Roses and Skulls

Rosenberg, James.  "I'd Rather Be Broke and Happy than Miserable and Rich":  The Life and Music of Allan Holdsworth

Shane, Nathan.  Speaking Classical Music: An Argument for Improvisation in Classical Music Education

Sulsky, Zachary.  Words and Music: The Vocabulary of Cole Porter

Webber, Jeremy.  Repetition & Stasis


Barrett, Mary. What Race Sounds Like: Perceiving American Music Through the Carolina Chocolate Drops

Choe, Richard.  A Symphonic Rhapsody

Cost, Matthew.  Hor mentre i canti alterno: A Study on the Transition from Modality to Tonality in the  Music of Claudio Monteverdi

Greenberg, Gabriel.  tchime tree: an interactive sound installation

Mowrey, Tennessee.  Actualizing Uji Through Composition

Riker, Simon.  Me Prometheus: A Work on Progress

Rush, Noah.  Unity and Multiplicity

Schapiro, Lindsay.  Highway Alive: A concept album


Li, Yun (Merry). A Revolution Is not a Dinner Party": Revolutionary Songs in People's Daily During Cultural Revolution China

Masters, Jacob. Point A to Point B and All that Lies Between: A Musical Analysis of the Transitional Passages in Richard Wagner’s Das Rheingold

Robinson, Eriq. “A Rose by Any Other Name: Am I an Afrofuturist?

Zhu, Ming. Tunes of Yore: New Popularization of the Guqin in 21st Century China

Zucker, Benjamin. Music Between Sounds: Relational Aesthetics & The Poetics Of Wandelweiser


Chilton, Matthew. Fieldwork: sounding inquiries into sites and selves

Devairakkam-Brown, Carina. Film Sound and Narrative: A Sonic Exploration of the Hollywood Paradigm

Jung, Harim. The Electrophysiological Correlates of Rhythm and Syntax in Music and Language

Macdonald. Angus. Music Education Philosophy from Practical to Praxial

Roman-Johnston. Nicole Over the Falls: A Musical Exploration of the Waterfall Dace Project

Rowland, Alexander. A Familiar Space: an exploration of background noise and aural architecture

Siaw, Monique. Creating New Visions With Art: Redressing Pains and New Imaginings of Black Female Bodies

Stein, Matthew. Sliding into Jewishness: A Pentimento of Portamento


Butler-Brown, Isaac.  Music's Poetry, Poetry's Music

Dean, Anthony.  Everyday Performance of Music on Hold

McLeod, Miles.  Dissident Sound: Power, Containment, and Beyonce's Lemonade 

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