M.A. Theses in Ethnomusicology and Composition


Lawson, Sophie M.   Music and Culture in the Caribbean.  [anthro]


Grauer, Victor A.   Hebrew Chant in the Daily Liturgy of the Synagogue.   

Whittle, Janet.   The Sligo Rover: A Study of Music in an Irish Community.   


Higgins, Jon B.   An Analysis of some Principles of South Indian Drumming, Based on the Bharata Sabda Vadya Pradayini by K. Muniswami.   

Johnson, Charlotte I.   Kinaalda: A Study of the Navaho Girl's Puberty Ceremony.  


Kamin, Jonathan Liff.   The Blues: The Structure of a Tradition.   


Garner, Edwin Chadwick.   String Trio for Violin, Viola, Violincello and other Original Compositions.  


Goodman, Linda Jean.   The Form and Function of the Basket Dance of San Juan Pueblo. 

Hintz, Muriel Claire.   The Passing Comment of a Great Civilization: An Introduction to the Popular Music of Vienna.   

Kilpatrick, David Bruce.   The Use of Chromatic Modes in Greek Folk Music.   

Otto, Steven Walter.   The Structural Influence of >Etenraku on the Emergence of Japanese Koto Music .  

Sithole, Elkin Morrel.   Zulu Music as a Reflection of Social Change .


Hatch, Martin Fellows, Jr.   Vocal Pictures: Transcribed Songs of Central Java. 

Kebede, Ashenafi.   Secular Amharic Music of Ethiopia .  

Langevin, Kenneth William.   L'Affirmation De L'Impuissance Poussée Jusqu'au Dogme .  

Rabin, Barbara Walsh.   The Preservation of Melodic Content with Rhythmic Variations in Javanese Wayang Melodies: “Ajak-Ajakan,” “Srepegan,” and “Sampak.”   

Schneider, John Robert.   The Cretan Musical Environment .  


Benton, Cynthia Durkee.   Gats of North Indian Music: A Study of Instrumental Compositions Performed on the Sitar and the Sarod.   

Cohn, Jerry S.   A Study of Cultural Values Expressed in South Indian Music .  

Cho, Chae-son.   A Study of Mutation in Gregorian Chant .  

Kamen, Robert Elliot.   Fifty Years of Appalachian Folk Music: A Study Exemplified by the Life of Obray Ramsey.   

Smith, Lenore Ketola.   The Korean Sanjo Taekeum and its Music. 

Vista, Isabel Dimaya.   Philippine Church Music; Creation and Re-creation .  


Araki, Tatsuya Kodo.   Kinko-Ryu Shakuhachi Honkyoku.   

Benary, Barbara Lynn.   The Violin in South India .  

Berliner, Paul Franklyn.   The Meaning of the Mbira, >Nyunga-Nyunga.   

Carrithers, Michael.   Raids on the Squaw Dance: Some Sketches.

Chen, Fu-yen.   A Study of Hsi Chü in Taiwan: Its Tradition and Continuation .  

Maue, Kenneth Gregory.   The Music of Info-Flow .  

Roach, David Marshall.   The Sitar: Tradition, Technique, and Composition.   

Samuelson, Ralph Tenor.   Some Aspects of the Kinko Ryu Honkyoku Including a Study of the Pattern Units of Kokû Reibo.

Simon, John Douglas.   An Environmental Sounding: Langue/Parole.   

Tewari, Laxmi Ganesh.   Music in the Social, Religious, and Cultural Life of Anzahar Village, Turkey.   

Vista, Salvador B.   The ULAHINGAN, A Manobo Epic: A Study of its Music, Texts, and its Role in the Culture of a Philippine Ethnic Group.

Whitney, Carol.   An American Encounters Flamenco .  


Darkwa, Christian Ebenzer.   Atente: A Study of an Akan Flute Music of Ghana .  

Duodu, Emmanuel Ampofo.   Drumming and Dancing in Akan Society: A Study of Court Musical and Dancing Traditions.

Lipiczky, Thomas Francis.   The Petrucci Galaxy: The Making of the Typographic Musician .  

Marshall, Stuart Congreve.   Zones 1971-1972 .  

Pemberton, John.   Salah Gumun .

Powers, William K.   Yuwipi Music in Cultural Context.  [anthro]


Hunter, Michael Eugene.   Quires and Places Where They Sing: The Boy Choir in England and America .  

Jarrett, Janice Carole.   Femine Symbolism and Music .  

Monahan, Kathleen Mary.   The Effect of Capitalism on Women's Song Traditions: Women's Songs of the American Labor Movement .  

Parsons, Allan Bruce.   Aspects of an Interface .  

Sanyal, Krishna.   Instrumental Compositions in Rare Ragas .  

Prawirohardjo, Shitalaksmi.   Wajang Kulit Purwa .  

Tedlock, Barbara.   Kachina Dance Songs in Zuni Society: The Role of Esthetics in Social Integration.


Doyle, Laurel Sylvette Denise.   Politics, the Media and Soul Music (Late 1950s-1960s).   

Dunne, Philippa.   A Comparison of Selected Alap in Rags Piloo and Bhairavi .  

Kimball, James Wilford.   Double-Stopping in Eastern European Folk Fiddling.   

McConaughy, James Lukens.   Original Games and Compositions as Teaching Methods in Music.   

Pearson, Nathan Williams Jr.   Mance Lipscomb: An American Musician .  

Woodard, Stephanie A.   Finding .  


Hosseini, Naaz.   The Eloquence of J. S. Bach .  

Morrison, Miriam J.   The Function of Court Dance in Central Java with Emphasis on Dance in Jogjakarta.  

Williams, Cheryl Gail.   Early Twentieth Century Piano Music of H.T. Burleigh, R.N. Dett and Scott Joplin.  

Zummo, Peter Joseph.   Resonance: The Pulse of the Hero and the Measure of the Universe.   


Brown, Marion, Jr.   Faces and Places: The Music and Travels of a Contemporary Jazz Musician.  

Crutcher, Nancy London.   An Organological Study of the Great Highland Bagpipe .  

Howard, Gregg.   New Musical Art: A Perspective.   

Merck, Edwin John.   Extemporaneous Variation in the Baroque: A Study of Telemann's Methodical Sonatas .

Sumarsam.   Inner Melody in Javanese Gamelan .  


Alexander, Thomas Armour.   Concentricity and Transition: Drums and Drum Makers of Solo .  

Forrest, Wayne Jeffries.   Concepts of Melodic Pattern in Contemporary Solonese Gamelan Music .  

Marcus, Scott L.   Towards an Understanding of Improvisation as a Conceptual Art: The Performance of North Indian Alap .  

Martin, Margaret.   "If Any Be Merry, Let Him Sing Psalms": A Collection of Hymns by American Tunesmiths (1750-1810). 

Mazonson, Ann C.   Javanese Gamelan and the Experience of Ensemble: A Cross- Cultural Learning Project.  

Quigley, Sam.   Karawitan Images .  

Subramanian, Karaikudi Sambasirayer.   The Study of Vina Style: An Introduction.  


Burman, Martin W.   Political Song Performance Styles of the Old and New Left.

Gates, Katherine Ford.   "Tracks": A Mobile Aural Environment .  

Herbst, Edward.  Evolution of a Dynamic Metaphor .  

Krippenstapel, George.   A Phenomenology of Artistic Perception.   

Perlman, Marc.   Toward A Philosophy of Ethnomusicology .  

Poursine, Kay.   A Concert of Bharata Natyam Classical South Indian Dance. [theater/dance]

Riemer, Mary Frances.   Instrumental and Vocal Love Songs of the North American Indians .  

Shimabuku, Nathan K.   East-West New Music Composition: A Composer's Perspective .  

Skinner, Beth.   An Ecology of Performance .  


Adzinyah, Abraham Kobena.   Acquisition of Musical Knowledge by Traditional Musicians of the Akan Society: A Study of Akan Music Education .  

Collins, Nicolas B.   Three Pieces.  

Nor, Genghis.   The Council of Judgement.   

Sumandhi, I Nyomen.   A Performance of Wayang Kulit Calonarang (A Genre of Balinese Shadow Puppet Theater).


Bilby, Kenneth M.   Partisan Spirits: Ritual Interaction and Maroon Identity in Eastern Jamaica.

Bruce, Phyllis Ruth.   From Rags to Roses: The Life and Works of Carrie Jacobs-Bond an American Composer. > [American Studies]

Hurie, Harriotte.   A Comparative Study of Khyal Style: Pandit Omkarnath Thakur and his Student Pandit B. R. Bhatt .  

Labaree, Robert.   Music Writing as Information and as Insight .  

Lein, Harry Collins.   Sufism and Music: The Mevlevi Order of Turkey .  

Prentiss, Barbara Gail.   Labels, Styles, and Voices.   Part   I: A Source Book of Solo Vocal Practices in Secular American Music .  

Riley, Joanne Marie.   The Influence of Women on Secular Vocal Music in Sixteenth Century Italy:   The Life and Career of Tarquinia Molza (1542- 1617).   

Saxton, Lydia Anne.   Like Drinking Water from a Glass: Repertoire and Aesthetic of a Traditional Yiddish Singer .  

Tan, Sooi-Beng.   The Phor Tor Festival, Penang, 1979 .  


Cowdery, James R.   The Blackbird: A Portrait of an Irish Tune .  

McNamara, Molly Ann.   Solonese Gending Bonang: The Repertoire and Playing Style.  

Rudel, John D.   Extreme Close-Up: Film Treatment and Project Analysis of the Penfield Percussion Ensemble.  


Dreyblatt, Arnold.   Nodal Excitation.

Waring, Dennis G.   The Instrument Maker: With Special Reference to Contemporary Makers in New England.   


Brandis, Marion.   Dedications: Original Compositions and Arrangements .  

Burns, Robert Eliam.   Rameau's Gambang (Response to Andre Schaeffner): Music and Cultural Relativity in Eighteenth-Century France .  

Hartigan, Royal J.   The Drum: Concepts of Time and No Time - From African, Latin American, and African-American Origins.  

Stepno, Robert B.   An Samhradh in Éirinn, Beginners Welcome: Membership and Music in an American Summer School in Ireland.

Van Ness, Edward C.   Observations and Commentary on the Style and Philosophy of M. Nagesvara Rao.  


Amoh, Maxwell Akomeah.   Apagya: A Study of the Music of an Akan Warrior Association of Ghana.  

Brooks, Mark Steven.   Notation and Performance Practice in Avant-Garde Music of the 1960s: The Changing Composer/Performer Relationship .  

Holmes, Michael Duayne.   The Pulse of Adowa .

Presslaff, Jeffrey Tann.   Night Flame: Improvisations with Piano and Drums; Commentary .  


Frishman, Marcie Lea.   Patterning and Cadential Formulation in the South Indian Drum Solo .  

Galeota, Joseph A., Jr.   Drum Making Among the Southern Eve People of Ghana and Togo .  

Nishimura, Stanley.   Thesis Project: Music Scores, Tape Recording and Statement of Compositions and Improvisations and their Public Performance on May 5, 1984.  

Pekowsky, Michael Gene.   On Beyond Nettl: Further Reflections on the Field of Ethnomusicology or the Skeptical Ethnomusicologist.   

Warde, Ann Maury.   Sound and Shape.   

Wolberger, Lionel A.   Styles of Jewish Worship: Saturday Morning Services in the Conservative Synagogue.  

Wolf, Daniel James.   Branched Thoughts: Essays and Compositions .  

Zhang, Wei-hua.   Theoretical and Cultural Implications of Recent Developments of Ethnomusicology in China .  


Allen, Matthew Harp.   Vegavahini and Cakravakam: Old and New in Carnatic Raga.  

Austerlitz, Paul.   A History of Dominican Merengue Highlighting the Role of the Saxophone.  

Baier, Randal Emerson.   Si Duriat Keueung: The Sudanese Angklung Ensemble of West Java, Indonesia.  

Clark, John Weir Mitchell, Jr.   Nine Bricks Building a House: A Collection of Compositions .  

Li, Guang-ming.   ArBing's Erhu Style in the Context of his Life and his Musical Environment. 

Ramadhyani, Rachel.   The Common Origin and Parallels in the Development of Dhrupad, Kriti, and Ragam-Tanam-Pallavi: Musical Form as a Cultural Integrator.  

Spalding, Mary.   The Irene Olszewski Orchestra: A Connecticut Band .  

Thom, Jennifer.   Learning Javanese Gamelan: A Cross-Cultural Experience.   

Thomas, Jeffrey Ross.   A History of Pans and the Evolution of the Steel Band in Trinidad and Tobago.  


Bindman, David Louis.   Black Music Notes.  

Garber, Susan L.   The Sacred Harp Revival in New England: Its Singers and Singings .

Guralnick, Thomas J.   Contemporary Improvised Solo Saxophone Performance and Recording Activity.

Halsted, Carolyn Frances.   The Navaragamalika Varnam of Patnam Subramania Ayyar: An Analysis.

Kahn, Jay Douglas.   The Sound of the Avantgarde 1913-1933 .  

Vidik, Ljerka.   The Musical Practice of the Nomadic Rom in Bosnia and Hercegovina .  


Milicevic, Mladen.   Worthless Music .

Nixon, Michael J.   Performing Nantanar Carittiram: An Item From the Tamil, Musical-Dramatic Repertoire.  

Pillay, Jayendran.   Teaching South Indian Music Abroad: Case Studies from America and South Africa.  

Purba, Mauly.   Gordang Sembilan: Social Function and Rhythmic Structure .  

Stubbs, Frederick W.   A Manual for Making the Turkish Ney.

Suanda, Endo.   Topeng Cirebon: In its Social Context .

Yih, Yuen-Ming David.   Liturgical Yanvalou Drumming in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.  


Schiff, Christopher Patrick.   The Three Parades: The Ballets Russes and the Beginnings of Surrealism.


Lowe, William Ceaser.   Paying Dues: Compositions and Commentary Towards an African-American Aesthetic.  

Mendonça, Maria Emma.   Approaching the Analysis of Javanese Pathet: A Consideration of Current Research.

Pasaribu, Ben Marajohan.   Between East and West: A Collection of Musical Compositions .

Pertl, Brian G.   The Trumpet of Dharma: An Organological Study of Conch Trumpets in Buddhism.  

Webb, Michael Hugh.   Lingua Franca Song and Identity in Papua New Guinea.


Canning, Karen Park.   Under The Mixe Sky: Music and Contemporary Indigenous Identity at the Mixe Musical Training Center, Oaxaca, Mexico.  

Elisha, Ehran Yehuda.   Steady Ascension: Toward an Aesthetic in the Performance of Contemporary Improvised and Composed Music.  

Gerberg, Miriam Beth.   The Evolution of an Analysis: Moroccan-Jewish Songs from the Repertoire of Hana Ben Hamu.  

Gillespie, Sheila A.   Rasa: The Incorporation of an Aesthetical Concept in the Performing Arts of India.  

Gunderson, Frank D.   The History and Practice of Christian Gospel Hymnody in Swahili-Speaking East Africa.  

Hoggard, J. Clinton.   Marimba and Vibraphone in African and African-American Music.  

Rose, Landon C.   Activity Music: in Musical Bows, in Narrative, in Sculpture.

Sherinian, Zoe Carey.   In Search of Nadai: The History and Contemporary Application of South Indian Rhythmic Theory.  


Debriano, Alonso S. W.   Spirituality in Jazz Music: An Inside View.

Marsh, Peter Kimball.   Americans with Kalmyk Faces: Musical and Cultural Fragmentation Among Kalmyk-Americans.   

Story, Debra Lee.   Video Collaboration: Creating a Portrait of the Musical Performance of Sarah McLawler.  


Ericksen, Timothy William.   The New Northampton Collection of Sacred and Secular Harmony: Containing Hymns and Songs of the Pioneer Valley, Old and New, Printed in Shape Notes for Music Teaching and Social Singing.  

Hadley, Peter D.   New Music for Gamelan by North American Composers.  

Kerne, Andruid.   The Economic Survival Rite of Passage: An Integrated Media Performance.  

Lancefield, Robert Charles.   On the Repatriation of Recorded Sound from Ethnomusicological Archives:   A Survey of Some of the Issues Pertaining to People's Access to Documentation of their Musical Heritage.

Lausevic, Mirjana.   Rascals and Shepherdesses: Music and Gender on a Bosnian Mountain.  

Searles, Julie A.   Dance Madness: The Commercialization of Lambada and its Popular Predecessors.  

Trunk, Markus.   Slightly Ajar .  


Dahinden, Roland.   Composition - Performance - Sound Sculpture .  

Le, Chan N.   Music Among Vietnamese Buddhists in Hartford, Connecticut .  

Miller, Rebecca S.   'Swinging Clockwise': Dance Halls, Dance Bands, and Identity in the Ethnic Resorts of the Catskill Mountains.  

Mohan, Anuradha.   Ilaiyaraja: Composer as Phenomenon in Tamil Film Culture .  

Ryan, Erin.   Pan on the Verge of the 21st Century: Issues in the Evolution of the Trinidadian Steelband.  

Snyder, Sara.   Lounge Allure: (A Cabaret Showcasing Female Vocal Eroticism in American Popular Musical Culture from the 1920s to the 1960s).

Veal, Michael.  Music as a Weapon: The Political Music of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti .  


Bakriges, Christopher G.   The October Revolution in Jazz: Critical Reception to the Genesis of the "New Thing."  

Braun, Mark T.   The Drumming of Kumina: Musical Form and Ritual Structure .   

Galinsky, Philip.   Co-option and Cultural Resistance in Brazilian Popular Music: The Pagode Samba Movement in Historical Contest .   

Kwon, Donna Lee.   Sijo-Ch'ang: The Aesthetic of Restraint and Difference in Korean Vocal Production.   

Lang, Melissa M.   " Every Week a Different World': World Music Institute and the Other. >   

Oba, Junko.   From Miyasan, Miyasan to Subaru: The Transformation of Japanese War Songs from 1868 to Today.   

Rogalsky, Matthew.   Live Electronic Music Practice and Musicians of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.    

Washington, Kera M.   Vodou in a Strange Land   


Arana, Miranda.   Old Bottle, New Wine: Neotraditional Music in Vietnam.   

Boaz, Chip.   Regional Diversity and Musical Networks: Afro-Cuban Jazz and Descarga in New York, San Francisco, and Miami.   

Kiss, Éva.   "Everybody's Happy": Music, Dance, and Hungarian American Ethnic Identity at the Szüreti Bál Festival.    

Livermore, Allen.   Eight Works Exploring the Interosculation of Composition and Improvisation.   

Loorand, Ingi-Mai.   "And the People of Estonia Sang": Singing and Identity in the Toronto Estonian Community.   


Bates, Eliot.   Ambient Music.   

Jennings, Heather Dea.   Voluminous Voices: Six Compositions.

Lee, Matthew.   Compositions .

Scott, Stanley Arnold.   Power and Delight: Vocal Training in North Indian Classical Music.

Smith, James Robert.   National and Regional Perspectives on Women in Balinese Gamelan Gong Kebiar.

Suwardi, Aloysius.   The Music of Flores: A Study of Vocal Music in Gua Mézé Festival.   


Acker, Gregory John.   To Sound Them, the Keys: Gamelan Amadindas .

Bachemin, Angelamia.   Renaissance Soul: The Convergence of Jazz and Hip-Hop.   

Hartnett, Gerald.   Phonographic Sound, 1952-1962.   

Jessen, Edward.   Evident Maps: Diagrams of Expression in Gestural Music.

Minks, Amanda.   Growing and Grooving to a Steady Beat: A Study of Music and Meaning in the Fifth Grade.   

Moore, Keith Andrew.   Scores and Background for Compositions Produced at Wesleyan: 1994-1997.

Nasta, Robert.   In Retrospect: Compositions 1995-97.   

Pixley, Stephen Edward.   Building The Ancient and the Future: Authenticity and Innovation in Instrument Making.


Berkman, Franya J.   Third Stream: Category and Context.  

Boamah, Ernest Felix.   Akom and Adowa Bell Patterns in a Traditional West African Region.  

Bruinders, Sylvia Ruth.   Creating Community Through Music and Dance in Post-Apartheid South African Townships.

Casselberry, Judith Suzanne.   Womanist Spirituality in Popular American Music: Black Feminism, the African World View, and Songwriting.  

Fei, James Cheng-Ting.   Scores and Writings (4.96-7.98).  

Getter, Joseph Michael.   Saraswati's Journey: South Indian Karnatak Music in the United States.   

Jonas, Christopher Wildrick.   Processes Used in My Works: Compositions 1996-1999.  

Novak, David.   The National and the Transnational in the Japanese Underground.

O'Neil, Kevin Eugene.   Compositions 1998-99, Texts, Notes, Analysis.  

Tveekrem, Susan Lynn.   Exploring the Boundaries of Bimusicality: Cultural and Technical Considerations.  


Brown, Nicholas Kalafya.   Gamelan Gender Wayang of Bali: Form and Style.    

Burchman, Sathya.   Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival: Music in Indonesia's New Order .

Dunaway, Judy.   My Beautiful Balloon.    

Mulvany, Aaron.   Reawakening Pride Once Lost: Indigeneity and European Folk Metal.

Sturges, Molly Jane.   A Musical Place/Experiment: The Project X Research Group .  

Wilson, Scott.   Possibly Beautiful: An Aesthetic Exploration .   


Boyle, Maire Kelly.   The Resonating Space: CEOL-Irish Music in a Virtual Setting .

Cady, Jason.   Opera for a Post-Madonna Prima Donna, and Other Compositions .

Flynn, Justine F.   Flexible Music.  

Liang, Liang.   Inspiration & Exploration: The Influence and Combination of Many Cultures in My Music with the Help of New Computer Techniques.

McElroy, Candice.   The Akogo: Towards a Computer Assisted Instructional Model .

Onsgard, Shawn.   Embodied Metaphors and Musical Information:   Essays and Compositions.  

Welch, Matthew T.   CEOL NUA (with drones implied): New Metaphore and New Sp-16 (specific device): Musics and the X-tension's of the Gaelic Idiom.  

William, Jacob.   Memories/Ruminations.  


Archibald, Rees. Suspending Time

Bonenfant, Yvon. Body Contact: Deep Expression, Social Touch, and Relationship through Voice and Sound.

Lehman, Stephen. Aesthetic Perspectives.

Mehinovic, Vesna. Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Four Sound Images from the Past and Present.

Miller, Christopher. "as time is stretched...": Theoretical and Compositional Investigations of Rhythm and Form in Javanese Gamelan Music.

Peluse, Michael. Folk Revival or Pop Sensation? The Latest Tsugan Shamisen Boom.

Thompson, Rachel. From Mogadishu to Minneapolis.


Bauder, Matt. Hearing the Trees Through the Windows: Compositions and Thoughts.

Dahlgren, Chris Compositional Systems, Writings, Etc./Wesleyan (7/01-4/03).

Hockin, Nicholas. Identity and Diversity in Djembe Song and Dance Performance at Wedding Celebrations in Bamako.

Wellmer, Ann. Patterns Texture

Wetters, Brent. Fermate - The Caesure and Suspension in Music and Poetics, Writings and Compositions

Yang, Justin. Sounds at the Edge of Chaos: Complexity Theory as a Model for Music Composition.


Crean, Thomas P. Compositions 2002 - 2004

Dewar, Andrew R. "This is an American Music": Aesthetics, Music and Visual Art of Bill Dixon.

Falkenau, Anna B. A History of Tani Avartanam Performance in South Indian Karnatak Music.

Hirt-Manheimer, Isaac P. Understanding "Fast Agbekor": A History of Ghana's national Dance Company and an analysis of It's Repertory.

Wilmoth, Charles W. Compositions 2002 -2003


Bynum, Taylor Ho Compositions, 2002-2004

Choi, Yoonjah Understanding American Drumming Circles: Case Studies of Earth Drum Council in Boston and Congo Square in prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York.

Dineen, Douglas Xavier At Home and Abroad: An Investigation of Karnatak and Non-Karnatak Solkattu.

Feldman, Jessica Creative Works (August 2003 - May 2005) and Related Writings.

Frank, Walter The Piano Music of William Duckworth.

Garlitz, David Tourist Songs: Cultural Tourism, The Buena Vista Social Club, and Contemporary Cuban Son.

Hutchins, Celeste Political Voices: Political Engagement Through Text Sound Poetry.

Justice, Deborah "A Community, not a Tradition:" The Hammered Dulcimer World of the Eastern United States.

Narveson, Jascha Compositions (2003 - 2005)

Siegel, Aaron The Mobile Listener: Sound in public Space, Sound as Public Space.

Wang, Xiaoxi Modernity in Contemporary Chinese Music - A Case Study of Chen Yi's Composition.


Chen, Jonathan Andrew Bicycle Wheel Music

Rhodes, Anne Elizabeth Adventures in Singing: Collaborating with Composers

Schroeder, Sabrina Anne Brown New Works (2004 - 2006)

Twining, Toby Dean Original Uses of Extended Vocal Techniques and Just Intonation

Weng, Po-Wei Dynamic Interaction: Significance and Communication in Peking Opera Percussion Music


Brenders, Kyle Richard Flows and Intensities; Collected Scores and Writings

Carbone, William Charles III A Heartbeat To Fit All Songs: Three Stops on the Journey of Nyabingi

Navarrete, Hiram Collected Writings and Compositions

Nyamuame, Samuel Elikem Kwame Yeve: Sacred Music and Rituals of Ave-Dakpa in the Volta Region of Ghana

Paul, Eric John Music and Effects: Compositions, Film Sound and "Hermes the Messenger"

Scherbenske, Amanda L. The Making Of Folksmentshn: The Culture of Klezmer Transmission

Zorn, Jonathan Richard My Mind Was Matching What You Were Making: Compositions for Acoustic Instruments With Interactive Computer Environments


Field, Garrett Matthew U. Shrinivas' Mandolin Ecstasy

Jensenius, David F. Translational Musics

Lee, Jessica Sangeun "Beat of Asia": A Study of South Korean Transnational Pop Singer BoA

Paul, Eric John Music and Effects: Compositions, Film Sound and "Hermes The Messenger"

Schulze, Phillip The Backfeed of My Heart Part I

Sun, Yuanyuan Xiaoyuan Minyao:Sing Out In Our Own Voices In China's Campus Ballad

Young, Katherine Andrews Stranger Things Happen: Musical Thought and Work


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Marquetti, Andre. Prisms: Sound, Technology and Music

Naranjo Rivadeneyra, Ivan Daniel. On My Recent Work: Explorations Through Sonic Territories

Norris,Sally. 9un)Telling Clara: Trust Me, I'm Telling You Stories

Paige, Aaron J. Subaltern Sounds: Fashioning Folk Music In Tamil Nadu

Parks, Brian James. Composition As Pedagogy

Stankova, Maria Vassileva. Gogol Bordello And Kultur Shock: Genre, Representation, And Musical Transformation In Gypsy Punk


Brochet, Raphaelle  Add Some Spice!: Intonation in Konnakkol

Callery, Eoin  Through Material and Media: Various Inconsistent and Inuitive Methods

Fossum, David C.  The Ahal School: Turkmen Dutar and the Individual

Klein, Benjamin J. Mansavage  Speech, Rotation, Tuba:A Progression of Works, 2008-2010

Rilla Sanchez, Marcelo  Like Accidents: Some Thoughts on Attributional Creativity

St. Clair, Daniel  Noise Control and Articulated Soundscapes


Ampiere, Gideon  Nanga: A TraditionalMusic and Musical Insrument from the Great Lakes region of East Africa

Collwell, Andrew  Creating Musical Encounter in Mongolia

Fan, Yun  No Money, no Performance: Cultural Tourism and Lixi Mulian Opera Revival

Hatakeyama, Akiko  Stories Don't Tell You Just Stories

Malik, Muhammad Usman   The Patiala Gharana of Pakistan: History, Lineage, and Style

Politz, Sarah   Jazz and Vodun in Beninois Brass Bands

Sekalegga, Lawrence Branco  Reconstructing Kiganda Traditional music: Transcription and Performance

Sorey, Tyshawn  Selected Works, 2009-2011


Burton, Taylor  Cross Cultural Experimentalism: Compositional Parallels in South Indian Musics and Dance and 20th Century Experimental Music in the West

Choi, Stephanie  The 21C Korean Music project: popularization and Modernization of Kugak

Ishiguro, Maho In Search of Refinement: Manifestation od Alus in genderan Pathetan in Performances of Martopangrawit and Projopangrawit

Lueck, Ellen  Sekaha Gong Amerika: Affinity and the Balinese Gamelan Community in the United States and Canada

Prieto, Nestor  Sounds of Inhabitance

Riggs, Christopher  Sweet Spot of Potential: The Prepared Guitar of Christopher Riggs

Senungetuk, Heidi Aklaseaq  Qanukiaq Ililuta: How Shall We Proceed?

Tfirn, Maxwell  The Musical Mappings of L-systems

Walker, Kevin Chad  Text and Time


Allbee, Elizabeth  Things Talk Back: The The Embodiment of Technology as Praxis 

Marino, Jessica  Composed Performance 

Northlich, William  DIY Dynamic: Experimental Electronic Music and the Underground in the San Francisco Bay Area

Parcell, Daniel  Composition 2011-2013: The Role of Interpretation in Hermann, Honest Methods and MCCCPG

Parks, Brian  Musics of a Village Church: A View from the Organ Bench at Higginum Congregational

Plaza, Natalie  Original Choral Compositions and Community Music Making

Romo-Tavizon, Rafael  Audible Ideas for Sound Construction

Welsh, John  Compositions 2011-2013


Dickey, Samuel, Guitari Foli: Stylistic Variation in Maninka Guitar Playing in Guinea and Mali

Friedman, Nathan, Ambitopia/Amblyopia: Compositions and Writings, 2012-2014

Lovell-Smith, Jasmine, Songs, Scores and Prints

Ramos-Flores, Cristohper, Sound, Shape, and interactivity: Sound Maze and Other Recent Works

Sonderegger, Sean, It’s more personal than we think: Conducted Improvisation Systems and Community in NYC


Blasser, Peter, Stores st the Mall

Blejewski, Hallie Rita, Engineering a National Instrument: Inventions and Innovations in Trinidadian Steelpan

Brogan, Jason, Disruptive Use: Work in Contaext, 2013-2015

Fishkin, Daniel, What Would Tinnitus Music Be?

Ho, Stephanie, K-Pop Fandom in Lima, Peru:Virtual and Live Circulation Patterns

Kastelle, Allen Gabriel, Modal Integrity

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