Private Lessons

Director of the Private Lessons Program

Nadya Potemkina, Adjunct Associate Professor of Music

Private Lesson Instructors

Bagpipes (Section: 31)
Jesse Ofgang

Banjo (Section: 35)
Stan Scott

Bass - Double/Electric (Section: 01)
Roy Wiseman

Bassoon (Section: 02)

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Cello (Section: 03)
Julie Ribchinsky

Clarinet (Section: 32)
Alexander Kollias

Drums (Section: 05)
Pheeroan Aklaff

Traditional Fiddle Styles (Section: 36)
Craig Edwards

Flute (Section: 06)
Aleksandra Newland

French Horn (Section: 07)
Robert Hoyle

Guitar (Section: 08)
Cem Duruöz

Hand Percussion/Drums (Section: 04)
Scott Kessel

Harp (Section: 11)
Megan Sesma 

Jazz/Blues Guitar (Section: 10)
Tony Lombardozzi

Jazz/Blues/Rock/Experimental Guitar (Section: 09)
Tom Crean Jazz Piano (Section: 20)
Noah Baerman

Jazz Vocal (Section: 38)
Giacomo Gates

Mandolin/North Indian Vocal/Guitar (Section: 35)
Stanley Scott

Oboe (Section: 13)
Libby Van Cleve

Percussion/Drums (Section: 14)
Eugene Bozzi

Piano (Section: 16)
Carolyn Halsted

Piano (Section: 17)
Yvonne Troxler

Saxophone (Section: 19)
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Trombone (Section: 27)
Matthew Russo

Trumpet/Classical (Section: 22)
Nancy Brown

Tuba(Section: 23)
Steven Wilkinson

Viola (Section: 24)
Marvin Warshaw

Violin (Section: 25)
Perry Elliot

Voice (Section: 26)
Priscilla Gale

Voice (Section: 29)
Chai-lun Yueh

For questions/comments regarding the Private Lessons Program, please contact:

Sandy Brough 
Private Lessons Coordinator