Private Music Lessons - Non-Music Majors

MUSC 405

Private instrumental and vocal lessons meet on a weekly basis, at a regular scheduled time. Students contract to take 12 lessons. Each instructor sets his or her criteria for accepting students. Private lessons is a Permission of Instructor course. To schedule a lesson time all students must contact the instructor and submit the Lesson Schedule Form to the Private Lesson Teacher. These forms can be found in the Forms section of this website.  Returning students who have previously taken Private Lessons with an instructor should contact the instructor for a lesson time and register for this course during the drop/add period. Many students new to the Private Lessons Program must schedule an interview with the instructor and register during the drop/add period. Interview sign-up sheets are posted on this website under Private Lessons Interview Sign-Up Sheets. Some instructors only require you to contact them by email to schedule your lessons.  Please see the Private Lessons Interview Schedule to see which instructors require an interview and which ones only require an email.

Private Lessons Interviews - Thursday, January 25 - Friday, January 26, 2024

  (Please see the Private Lessons Interview Schedule)

Private Lessons Begin:   The week beginning Monday, January 29, 2024

  You must schedule an interview or contact the instructor to take lessons!

Private Lessons Fee:  $780.00 for 12 lessons
When a student is accepted into the Private Lessons Program, they become liable for the additional cost of lessons, which will be billed through the Student Accounts Office. 

       * PLEASE NOTE*  Students pay for any lesson taken, even during the drop/add period.

 Withdrawing from lessons:

1.  If a student intends to drop lessons, the student must notify the instructor at least 24 hours prior to the lesson taking place the week following the end of drop add.
2.  The student will be billed the full course fee if they do not drop prior to this lesson. 
3.  When a student drops lessons during the Drop/Add period, the student will be billed only for the lessons taken.

Financial Support:

May be available for qualified students after participating in a Music Department ensemble or taking one semester of private lessons. Financial Support Applications for the Spring 2024 semester may be found in the forms section under Private Lessons on this web page or in the Music Department Lobby during the first week of the semester. Applications will be accepted beginning January 18, 2024. 

                    All applications must be returned by 12:00 noon, Monday, February 5, 2024
                                                       Late applications are not accepted.

MUSC 405 Lessons for Credit:

Students registered for MUSC 405 may receive credit for 4 semesters of private lessons, whether it be in the same instrument/voice or a variety of instruments/voice. Private Lessons taken more than 4 times will count towards oversubscription and not count towards the 32 credits required for graduation.

           MUSC 405 does not count as a performance credit towards the Music major.


Comments or questions?

Please contact:
Sandy Brough, Private Lessons Coordinator
(860) 685-2594