Wesleyan Concert Choir

This choral ensemble welcomes members of both Wesleyan and Middletown communities and is devoted to performance of standard choral literature from all eras, both accompanied and a cappella. Solo and leadership opportunities will be available for advanced singers.

Students interested in Participating in Concert Choir:

From Nadya Potemkina (August 7th, 2020):

1. Auditions for new members will be conducted online. A link to the audition folder and all the instructions will be posted here and on Moodle on Monday, August 24th.
2. The first two class meetings will be held online. A link to the Zoom classroom will be posted here and on Moodle on Monday, August 24th.
3. The majority of the course work will be completed online using Moodle, My Choral Coach, and Choral Tracks software and digital resources. In-person interaction will be limited to one or two 30-min rehearsals a week in groups of 8-10 participants, positioned 12 feet apart, wearing masks at all times.

Do not hesitate to email me with any questions or requests for clarification. Visit Wesleyan Concert Choir page on Facebook for videos of our Spring 2020 virtual ensemble projects.  

Click here to visit WesMaps to learn more about the course.