Ebony Singers

      Ebony Singers

The Ebony Singers will be a study of African-American religious music through the media of performance. The areas of study will consist of traditional gospel, contemporary gospel, spirituals, and hymns in the African-American tradition. The members of the group will be chosen through a rigorous audition (with certain voice qualities and characteristics.)


First-year students are excluded.  

Interested students should record themselves singing for 59 seconds or less.
Videos should be emailed to the instructor at mmonts@wesleyan.edu no later than 10:00pm on 9/4/22
Videos will be reviewed and select students will be invited to audition on Monday, 9/5/22 for the instructor.
Invited students will then sign up for an audition no later than 5pm on Monday 9/5/22


Additional Requirements for Auditions:   

IIn addition to your up to 59 second singing (only) video:
Include your name and class year
Indicate the part that you sing (SATB)
Write in 100 words or less why you think you would be a good fit for the Ebony Singers

Participants must have a quality voice, a melodic vocal sound. Students are required to perform in any scheduled performance.

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