Private Lessons Financial Support Information


Limited financial support may be available to qualified undergraduate students for Private Music Lessons. Awards are based on a sliding scale to a maximum of 80% of the lesson fee according to need as determined by the University Financial Aid Office. Eligible candidates will also be judged on merit according to the following criteria: rating by a Performance Ensemble Faculty member, coach, or Private Lessons Instructor and musical contributions to the Wesleyan Music Department sponsored activities, i.e. any ensemble for which Music Department credit is offered. Private Lesson Instructors will rank candidates in order of preference according to their written evaluations for each applicant.

I. Eligibility and Application Requirements:

You must fill out and submit an application form found here or in the forms section of this website to be considered for aid. 

                                      Applications will be accepted beginning January 18, 2024.

  1. You must be eligible for University Financial Aid with an EFC up to $88,793. This requires that one's parents or guardians have submitted a Financial Aid Form to the Wesleyan Financial Aid Office. In the case of exchange students, the Wesleyan Office must have received a copy of an eligibility letter from the student's home college. In turn, if granted, students must notify their home college which then increases the student's tuition allowance.
  2. Before applying for financial support from the Music Department, students must play in a Wesleyan ensemble for a semester or complete a semester of private lessons at Wesleyan.
  3. You must indicate your intention to contribute to the musical life of the Wesleyan community as your ability allows by participating in one or more of the Music Department sponsored performing ensembles, i.e., any ensemble for which credit is offered.
  4. During the Private Lessons Interview Scheduling Period, you must inform your Performance Ensemble Faculty member, coach, or Private Lessons Instructor that you are applying for this financial assistance award. Instructors will then submit recommendation forms.

  II. Facts:

  1. Even with support, everyone is responsible for paying a percentage of the cost of their private lessons. The maximum support allowable is 80% of the Private Lesson fee of $780.
  2. Financial support is available for only one set of lessons per semester.
  3. Students receiving financial support will be billed for any student absence incurred.
  4. The application is for one semester only.
  5. Due date:  Noon February 5, 2024  ( Late applications will not be considered. 
  6. Music majors requesting supplemental financial support (in addition to the Music Major Waiver) must complete this form.


Financial Support Application Forms can be found in the forms section under Private Lessons.

Comments or questions?

Please contact:
Sandy Brough, Private Lessons Coordinator