Ensemble Audition Sign-up Sheets

(These sheets are for currently enrolled Wesleyan students)

Click on an ensemble below to schedule an audition for the Spring 2021 semester

If there is no active link that instructor does not require an audition, or they require you to sign-up directly with them or through Moodle. See WesMaps for additional information.

Please email Sandy Brough sbrough@wesleyan.edu if you have any questions.


African Popular Music Performance 

Chamber Music

Chinese Ensemble

Collegium -  Students should email Prof. Jane Alden (jalden01@wesleyan.edu) with a statement of suitability for/interest in the course by February 5th. Include details of their background in choral singing and voice work in general. The Professor will assess the student's suitability and help them prepare for an online audition on February 8th, if deemed necessary. Any background or interest in manuscripts and European history will be an advantage, due to the nature of the materials that the group will sing.   

Javanese Gamelan - There will be no auditions/interviews. Interested students should submit their enrollment requests. The enrollment of the class will be based on the first 14 students who submit their enrollment request.

Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Orchestra

Korean Drumming and Creative Music-Beginning - Everyone is welcome. There is no requirement for prior experience of drumming.  No audition required.

Korean Drumming and Creative Music-Advanced - No audition required. MUSC 413 Prereq

South Indian Percussion - Admission by interview. Students should contact the instructor David Nelson (dpnelson@wesleyan.edu) to determine class time.

Taiko Drumming Ensemble - Beginning 

Taiko Drumming Ensemble - Advanced  

Wesleyan Concert Choir - Auditions for new members will be conducted online. Follow this link for instructions and procedures:


Wesleyan Orchestra - Auditions for all new members will be conducted online. Follow this link for instructions and procedures:


West African Drumming - Advanced