Ensemble Audition Information/Sign-up Sheets

(These sheets are for currently enrolled Wesleyan students)


Click on the links below beginning January 19th when drop/add opens to schedule an audition for the Spring 2023 semester

Please email Sandy Brough sbrough@wesleyan.edu if you have any questions.


African Popular Music Performance - Request and audition here.

Chamber Music - Auditions are required.  Request an audition here.

Chinese Ensemble - Attend the first class to audition in RHH 003.

Collegium - Registration closed during Pre-registration

Ebony Singers - Admission by audition.

     First-year students are excluded.  

  •      Auditions:   

Interested students should record a video of themselves singing without musical accompaniment for 59 seconds or less. Videos should be emailed to the instructor at mmonts@wesleyan.edu no later than 10:00pm on 1/29/23. Videos will be reviewed and select students will be invited to audition on Monday, 1/30/23 for the instructor. Invited students will then sign up for an audition no later than 5pm on Monday 1/30/23.

  •      Additional Requirements for Auditions:  

In addition to your up to 59 second singing (only) video:
Include your name and class year
Indicate the part that you sing (SATB)
Write in 100 words or less why you think you would be a good fit for the Ebony Singers

Participants must have a quality voice, a melodic vocal sound. Students are required to perform in any scheduled performance.

Javanese Gamelan - Admission by interview at the first class in World Music Hall. 

Jazz Ensemble -Auditions are required.  Audition Requirements: Be prepared to play a medium or up-tempo bebop tune or standard. Interpret melody and demonstrate ability to improvise over the chord changes (or, in the case of drums, the form). Rhythm section players should also demonstrate instrument-appropriate accompaniment skills on the same tune (comping for guitar and piano, walking lines for bass, ability to use sticks and brushes for drums, etc.). Jazz-relevant sight-reading (melody and/or chords and improvisation) will also be expected. Please email Prof. Baerman if you have any questions about the audition, including but not limited to the appropriateness of your prepared piece. Sign-up for an audition here.

Korean Drumming and Creative Music-Beginning - Everyone is welcome. There is no requirement for prior experience of drumming.  Attend the first class to audition in World Music Hall.

Korean Drumming and Creative Music-Advanced - No audition required. Attend the first class. Prerequisite: MUSC 413

Laptop Ensemble - Request the course during drop/add

South Indian Percussion - Admission by interview. Students should contact the instructor David Nelson (dpnelson@wesleyan.edu) to determine class time.

Taiko Drumming Ensemble, Beginning - Admission by audition. Please attend the first class to audition in World Music Hall

   Note:Wear comfortable clothes for easy movement.  Shoes are not worn on the floor so bring
   something else to wear on your feet if you do not want to go barefoot.

Taiko Drumming Ensemble, Advanced - Admission by audition. Please attend the first class to audition in World Music Hall

   Note:Wear comfortable clothes for easy movement. Shoes are not worn on the floor so bring
   something else to wear on your feet if you do not want to go barefoot.

Wesleyan Concert Choir

The Choir will be singing in masks for the first couple of weeks. Please bring your own mask to class. 


***PLEASE NOTE: we strive to create a well-balanced ensemble, with each of the four voices represented by a relatively equal number of people. The conductor reserves the right to declare any voice section "full" at any time during drop/add, even if there will still be seats available in the class. 

  • Spring 2023 Concert Choir Meet and Greet
    Crowell Concert Hall 

Placement auditions are mandatory for all incoming members as well as former participants who took time off, for any reason.

This course may be repeated. Undergraduates may take this course up to two times for a letter grade and up to four times for credit towards graduation.

Wesleyan Orchestra

Two rehearsals a week, on Monday and Wednesday. Wednesday rehearsals will be devoted to sectionals (mandatory).
Midterm/Final Performances: TBA

A placement audition is required for all musicians, new and returning. To audition, send a video recording of yourself playing two contrasting selections, about 6-7 minutes of music, from any solo, chamber, or ensemble repertoire. Live auditions can also be accommodated during the first two weeks of the semester, by appointment only. Some sections of the orchestra fill up quicker than others and it is recommended to inquire about an audition ahead of time. Please send audition videos or live audition requests to Britney Alcine (balcine@wesleyan.edu) for reivew.

  • Spring 2023 Meet-and-Greet and Sight Reading:
Monday, January 30th at Crowell Concert Hall
This first rehearsal is open to all, no obligation to register.

West African Drumming, Beginning - Previous formal music instruction is not necessary. No prerequisites are required. Preference to junior and senior music majors and those enrolled in Afro-American studies and related music courses. Request an audition here. 


WesWinds Wind Ensemble - Admission by audition.  Please attend the first class to audition in Crowell Concert Hall.