Community Based Living (CBLV) provides an opportunity for freshmen and upperclassmen to live with one another based upon a specific residential and/or academic interest.  Each CBLV has its own vision and mission statement.  A Resident Advisor staffs the residential area and programs specifically for their residents. This allows participants in the CBLV to explore an an area of interest in a more intimate setting than in the more traditional residence hall setting.  The ability to have first-year students participate in CBLVs is a great introduction to our interest driven community living and often results in participants applying for Program  Housing in the following years.  The Office of Residential Life offers a variety of CBLV options, housed within several of our residence halls.

Nicolson WestCo Butterfields
Nicolson WestCo (WestCollege)  Butterfields
Clark Hall Malcolm X House 200 Church
Writer's Block  Malcolm X House 200 Church

200 Church Street

Through the continued work of dedicated students, 200 Church Street was established as housing for students who wish to build a safe, self-affirming, energetic, and close-knit community that focuses on social justice and diversity.  200 Church provides a unique housing experience for first and second year students to inspire and support each other.  In addition to first-year orientations and social programming, the residents of 200 Church have the freedom and support to develop programs that explore their unique and intersecting struggles and identities.  Residents actively address racism and other forms of oppression, working to educate themselves and the larger Wesleyan community.  House programs can include discussions, films, guest speakers, and community service activities.  200 Church Street is a safe and relaxing space for residents and other students to socialize and organize in an inclusive, diverse and empowering environment.  200 Church boasts two lounges, a kitchen, a laundry facility, and a pool table.

Malcolm X House

Malcolm X House is a residence for Wesleyan students who wish to live in an environment dedicated to the exploration and celebration of the cultural heritage of the African Diaspora, both for themselves and for the larger Wesleyan community. The House is responsible for organizing an annual event commemorating Malcolm X during Black History Month. Residents honor the best of a tradition set by the Vanguard Class of 1969, stressing the importance of togetherness while respecting each other's diverse backgrounds. The House serves as the communal safe-space not only for the student-of-color groups on campus, but also for groups interested in advocating, learning, and positive communal unity.

Writer's Block
The Writer’s Block, located at 156 High Street, is a small residential community for both first year and upperclass students interested in writing, whatever the form, and living with other writers. Residents will have the opportunity to enjoy Wesleyan’s writing events, and host their own discussions about working with faculty and writing fellows. The programming opportunities are endless and hope to include student readings, open Nics, book swaps, tutorials, reading circles and guest lectures, many linked to the University’s Distinguished Writers series. New writers will be linked to more experienced ones, and to a network of Wesleyan authors, editors and publishers, both on and off campus.

West College (WestCo)

West College seeks to provide a cooperative, liberal and multicultural community that promotes the pursuit of group initiatives based on the interests of its first and second-year students.

Continuing a longstanding tradition of self-governance and activism, residents are expected to take an active role in shaping the social, intellectual, and living environment of WestCo.  Self-governance is manifested in the community by holding one another accountable to shared values and to goals that are continually evaluated.  A unit council (Guidance) conducts a weekly meeting open to the entire WestCo community where residents are encouraged to organize events for both the residence hall and the University.  In the past, residents have organized musical and artistic events (in the unique student-run Cafeé situated below WestCo 3), planned mid-semester festivals, and worked on other projects reflecting a commitment to artistic expression, political activism, and multiculturalism.  WestCo welcomes all students who will actively contribute to the WestCo community and who will work towards achieving these goals.

Quiet Floor
The Quiet Floor is intended for students who are interested in a quiet residence.  There is a 24-Hour quiet hour policy, which stipulates that noise should be kept to a minimum level and not be heard outside of students’ rooms.  Students on the floor agree not to engage in activities in the hallway that would generate noise and or disruption to other residents.

Substance-Free Floor
The Substance-Free Floor is a coed community that boasts a supportive and healthy living option for students.  The residents who live on this floor and their guests have agreed to abstain from the use of alcoholic beverages and nicotine while on the floor, and to refrain from bringing these substances onto the floor.  A signed contract agreeing to these provisions is required to be signed by each resident.

The Substance-Free Floor is located in Nicolson and consists of approximately 15 rooms.

Single-Gender Housing

All Men Single Gender housing in Nicolson

All Female Single Gender housing in Butterfield

Single-Gender Housing is an option available for students who feel it is important to live on a floor with all women or men residents.  Some students feel that living on a single-gender floor, and having a single gender bathroom, is a more comfortable transition for them than living on a coed floor.