Guidelines for Student Food Preparation and Distribution / Sales on Campus


Programming with Food (non catered)

Because of the potential risk of illness with non commercially prepared foods for programs, it is advised that students exercise caution when programming with perishable foods. All fund raiser/events that will be selling or giving away food items must be registered and space/table reserved through EMS. Upon receipt of the reservation request, the individual responsible for the activity must meet with the Director of the Usdan University Center who, in consultation with Bon Appétit Food Management and the Middletown Health inspector’s office, will determine if the activity may proceed. Requests must be made at least five business days prior to the planned event. Events may not proceed until all permissions are received.

Food Preparation Waiver

Groups/individuals planning such activities must be able to provide:

  • a list of all ingredients
  • how and where items have been stored prior to use
  • how and where items will be stored after prepared
  • how items will be transported to distribution area
  • how sale, if applicable, will be conducted (packaging, serving, etc.)
  • cost of items to be sold along with targeted revenue
  • signed waiver indicating the Bon Appétit management company is not responsible for any portion of the food preparation or distribution

Please be aware that pre-packaged items and bake sale items do not typically present a problem but will still be run through the same screening.  Items that require any refrigeration or specific temperature control must guarantee that all state health code requirements will be followed; items of this nature may be denied due to the increased risk.

Items that may be prohibited are:

  • coffee sales or any other direct competition with food service contract
  • any items that include alcohol in the preparation or serving
  • events where food preparation would occur within the Usdan University Center*
  • any food product that has a potentially hazardous effect on health if all guidelines are not met
  • items that are already available through Campus Dining.

*Groups may work with Bon Appétit to coordinate co-sponsored activities, such as an Iron Chef event or sushi making table, where the group assists in the event coordination but the preparation is coordinated through the campus food service provider.

Additional Guidelines

  • For the purposes of these guidelines “Distribution” is defined as: Food prepared in student residences on campus for the purpose of sales/fund-raisers, give-aways, meeting meals, or delivery service (sale or other).
  • Hands must be washed thoroughly before and after meal preparation.
  • All people handling/distributing food should be wearing non latex gloves. Bare hands should never touch the food.
  • All people handling/distributing food must be wearing a hat or hairnet.
  • Poultry must be cooked to at least 165˚F; Roasts must be cooked to at least 145˚F; Hamburgers must be cooked to at least 158˚F.
  • All potentially hazardous foods (meat, dairy, foods that can spoil easily) should be kept out of the temperature danger zone (41˚F to 135˚F) as much as possible. The more time foods are exposed to these temperatures, the greater the risk that microorganisms will grow. Foods that are exposed to temperatures between 41˚F and 135˚F for more than four hours, including the time it takes to prepare and cook them, must be discarded.*
  • All foods with a temperature requirement should be checked with an appropriate food thermometer.
  • Previously cooked food that is held hot must be reheated to an internal temperature of 165˚F.
  • Food should not be left un-refrigerated for more than four hours.
  • All people handling food should be using proper cooking and serving utensils.
  • Utensils and working surfaces for meat and non-meat foods should not be interchanged.
  • Adequate trash bags/receptacles must be present for clean up.
  • Trash receptacles must be at least three feet from cooking area.
  • Trash bags should be closed tightly and disposed of immediately in dumpsters.
  • All tables/working surfaces should be cleaned with an anti-bacterial cleaning agent.
  • Do not prepare food if you have symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat, fever or infected wounds on the hands or wrists.

Additional Provisions for Cook-outs

  • Outdoor cooking/food preparation area must be at least 20 feet from all residential facilities.
  • Lighter fluids should not be stored in university facilities.

Food Vendors Who Come to Campus (Vendors Cooking on Campus)

  • Vendor Fee of $50.00-Check payable to Wesleyan University.
  • Certificate of Insurance at least one million dollars must be submitted to Usdan University Center Director at least five days prior to event
  • Health Department food and beverage license that allows for vendor to prep, cook and/or dispense food on campus. Contact the Middletown Health Department directly to fulfill all the preliminary requirements at least 1-2 weeks before the day of the event (860-638- 4960).
  • Canopy or tent hat to cover the cooking and preparation area.
  • Hand-washing station.
  • Adequate trash receptacles that are at least three feet from cooking area.
  • Cooking/food preparation area must be at least 10 feet from all facilities.

Food Vendors Who Come to Campus (Selling Prepackaged Food)

  • Vendor Fee of $50.00-Check payable to Wesleyan University.
  • Certificate of Insurance at least one million dollars must be submitted to Usdan University Center Director at least five business days prior to event
  • All food needs to be in packages that are covered completely.
  • Food should not be left un-refrigerated for more than four hours.

Food Trucks

  • Food trucks may park on city streets where meters are allotted for a max of 3 hours. If there are no meters, signs must be followed accordingly.
  • The City will not permit more than two food trucks within the immediate perimeter of campus on an given evening;
  • Food Trucks are not allowed on campus property so they may not park in any Wesleyan parking lots or on fields/lawns.
  • Food Trucks are prohibited from parking on streets that are marked as no parking zones (Ex. Wyllys Ave.)
  • On rare occasions, permission may be granted for a Food truck to be at an event if the item sold is not in direct conflict with something already available through Campus Dining. Permission must be obtained at least two weeks in advance of the event date from the Director of Usdan Administration in consultation with the Office of Administration and Finance.
  • Event Organizers should not invite food trucks to their events
  • When considering whether or not food trucks may be a viable option for an event, departments and Student Organizations should consider that food trucks can only take cash or credit.  They do not take meal plan points or Middletown cash.  This may mean that members of our community may not be able to fully participate in an event if they do not have the means to purchase food from the truck.  Departments and student organizations are encouraged to utilize catering for their event dining needs so that all attendees can participate fully.
  • All food trucks must have a food and beverage license issued by the City of Middletown Health Department. If the food truck is permitted outside the city’s jurisdiction, contact the Middletown Health Department to verify if the vendor’s permitting town participated in the itinerant food vendor reciprocal licensing. If the vendor’s town is a part of the licensing agreement, all that’s required is for the vendor to provide notice to the health department that they will be vending at the event in town. Health inspections are to the discretion of the Middletown Health Department. If the permitting town is not a part of the reciprocal licensing, the vendor is required to obtain a temporary food permit. The vendor must contact the Middletown Health Department at least 1-2 weeks before the event for all permitting requirements 860-638-4960.