Office of Student Involvement Programming Fund

The OSI Programming Fund was created to financially support the programming efforts of student groups by supplementing budgets that might not have been fully provided by the Wesleyan Student Assembly’s Student Budget Committee (SBC), such as food for events and small program enhancements.

Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee funding, as there is a limited total amount for the fund. We will be reviewing each application that is submitted, determining a total amount, and contacting your group on the decision.

Groups will be able to request up to $150 in funding per application, and cannot request more than twice in an academic year. Applications must be submitted at least 7 (seven) business days prior to your event.

The fund does not cover:

  • Travel
  • Department programs/initiatives (including RA programs)
  • Costumes/clothing/personalized clothing
  • Items for personal use
  • Items for fundraising purposes
  • Graduate student programs
  • Conference registrations
  • Concerts
  • Rider items


  • The student submitting a fund request must do so on behalf of a WSA recognized student group. Students cannot request funds on behalf of a department or individual.
  • The event must contribute to the educational or cultural life of the University and/or help to build a sense of community at Wesleyan. Events must be open to the entire campus community. Please note: The maximum amount approved will be $150.
  • Funds are not guaranteed, and groups should not rely on the OSI Programming Fund as their main source of funding. Student groups should first try to submit a budget request to the SBC.
  • Events will still need to follow the procedures and deadlines of room requests, contract requests, etc, and be approved.
  • The grant will not fund:
    • Requests that haven’t been submitted per the policy
    • Events that violate the code of non-academic conduct or University policy
    • Alcoholic beverages, spirits, tobacco products, controlled or illegal substances
    • Donations, gifts, or prizes (including gift cards)
    • Purchases made at WesShop or using WesPoints
    • Any event taking place as part of a Residential Life RA program
    • Set-up fees normally covered by the SBC
    • Honoraria or expenses for current faculty, staff, students
    • Concerts or Rider items for concerts
    • Students/student group requesting money on behalf of a department or university initiative (includes collaborations/co-sponsorships)
    • Start-up funds for a charity fundraiser
      • (Start-up funds for a student group fundraiser can be approved.)
    • Travel costs or conference registration for individuals or student groups. Student attendance to off-campus events will only be considered if a concrete plan for benefiting the larger campus is presented
    • Any outside contractor or non-University employee that acts as a coach for a sports team or athletic/fitness event (ie. boxing, yoga, fencing, etc.)
    • Any event which may create or contribute to a hostile or unsafe environment in accordance with Wesleyan's Non-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy

 Requesting funds:

  • Only WSA recognized student groups can request funding.
  • Applications must be submitted no later than 7 (seven) business days prior to your event. However, groups are encouraged to apply before that time. Retroactive requests will not be considered.
  • Once an application is submitted, Student Involvement review the application, determine a total funding amount, and contact the group within 3 (three) business days about the decision.
  • All funding will be distributed through direct purchasing. Student Involvement will not transfer money into your group's SmartKey or reimburse individuals or other departments for expenses.
Programming Fund Application: