Funding Your Event

The following are the available sources of funding on campus for your events. Keep these in mind as you are planning your programs. Remember that each funding source has different timelines and requirements as well as possible allocation amounts. 

Student Budget Committee (SBC)
Sponsored by the Wesleyan Student Assembly
The SBC oversees the allocation of funds for all student groups officially recognized by the Community Outreach Committee (COCo) and serves as a resource to all student organizations regarding the allocation process and other funding sources on campus.

The Green Fund
Things to note regarding funding from the Green Fund:
We do not fund Food/Catering. However, we do fund food/catering if it is central to the event itself (i.e. Veg Out).
We do not fund the cost of transportation.
We do not fund student labor, off-campus internships…except pre-planned summer internships that are on Wesleyan’s campus that relate to environmental work done at Wesleyan (i.e Long Lane Farm Internships).
Please give the Green Fund at least two weeks to process any application.
In the case of Honorarium, give one month in advance to process the necessary paperwork.

Concert Committee (CC)
Sponsored by the Wesleyan Student Assembly

The CC oversees the allocation of funds for concerts at Wesleyan and serves as a resource to all student regarding the allocation process and the concert planning process.

The Resource Center
The RC co-sponsorship budget is for any student who is looking to receive RC support for an initiative and/or event that they are organizing that relates to our five areas of focus (race, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, disability, gender, sexuality, sustainability, spirituality, and social and political activism).  A link to our co-sponsorship form can be found our webpage here:

Adelphic Educational Fund (Alpha Delta Phi)
The Adelphic Educational Fund (AEF) was founded in December 1944 by G.W. Davison and Albert Johnston, alumni of the Middletown Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi and Wesleyan University, who wished to establish a foundation to assist educational activities at Wesleyan in general and at the Middletown chapter of Alpha Delt in particular. 

Patricelli Center Funding (PCSE)
Sponsored by the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship
PCSE funding may be available for on-campus workshops and other events that will help prepare students to create and sustain programs, businesses, and organizations that advance the public good. Events with PCSE sponsorship must provide training or enrichment in a field such as business, non-profit management, public service, social justice, environmental sustainability, education, healthcare, or international development.

Healthfull Words Fund
Sponsored by the Office of Health Education/WesWELL
The HealthFull Words Fund (HWF) was developed by WesWELL in 2002 to provide funding for student-initiated educational events which address health issues relevant to the Wesleyan population. Limited funds are available each semester. Therefore, students and organizations are encouraged to apply early as we will not accept applications once funds are depleted. More on the Healthfull Words Fund

Please check with the following offices / organizations on their processes on how to request funding:

Jewett Center for Community Partnerships
Office of Equity and Inclusion
Office of Religious and Spiritual Life
Office of Residential Life
The Gordon Career Center
Academic Department Contributions
Student Organization Collaboration & Co-sponsorship