Student Groups

Establishing a student group is a great way to find peers with common interests. You can organize an event or activity sponsored through your organization, and become involved with the surrounding community. Wesleyan boasts one of the most active student bodies in the nation, with over two hundred recognized student groups on campus. Every year, student group leaders must register their group or club by completing an electronic registration form. This process is commonly referred to as "formal recognition," and requires certain guidelines and criteria that need to be adhered to. If you are interested in forming a new group or re-establishing an old one, review the information below.

If you are interested in starting a student organization or club you must be formally recognized by the Community Committee (COCo) through WesNest. Student leaders must provide a constitution, minimum seven group members, and Faculty advisor. Also, a Financial Manager and Primary contact person must be listed. All Financial Managers must attend a Financial Manager training annually. Please choose these individuals carefully because they will be accountable for the group's finances, technical support, and the relaying of any announcements, policies or event information that are sent to them by a staff or committee member of the WSA to the other group members. 

                          Registration Process

All undergraduates can activate an old group by completing an online form through WesNest. To access the online application, they must go through their student portfolio and follow the instructions listed below.

Re-registering an "old" Club

All active student groups are deactivated at the end of each academic year.  Consequently, at the beginning of each academic year, all student groups who plan to sponsor events and/or activities must re-register or re-activate the organization. The procedure allows new student group leaders the opportunity to update the group's officers and other pertinent information, so they are not dealing with antiquated data.  Starting in the 2020-2021 academic year, all student groups will be required to register as either formally recognized or informal. Learn the differences between formally and informally recognized groups and start thinking about how you wish to register your existing group. 

Club Registration Walkthru and Transfer of Leadership Presentation.


Registering a "new" Club

If you are registering a new student group, follow these steps to get prepared for the registration period. New organizations will be granted a grace period for their first year, in which they will not need to declare formal or informal status, and will still be able to request SBC money regardless. They will, however, still require 7 committed members. Here is a Constitution Template to use if you wish to become formally recognized. Starting in the 2020-2021 academic year, all student groups will be required to register as either formally recognized or informal. Learn the differences between formally and informally recognized groups and start thinking about how you wish to register your existing group.

  1. Browse WesNest beforehand to make sure that the mission/activities of your group do not overlap with any existing groups.

  2. Have at least seven committed group members that you can report on your roster, 3 of which are officers (Primary Contact, Financial Manager, and Events Coordinator).

  3. Prepare a brief description and mission statement for your group.

  4. Familiarize yourself with campus resources for funding and event organizing, as you will be asked about what you will utilize during registration. CoCo office hours are a good place to do this.



  • Recognition Criteria

    1.  The Community Outreach Committee will not recognize any group that violates the Wesleyan Student Assembly's non-discriminatory clause, which is as follows: "The Wesleyan Student Assembly shall not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, age, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability, marital status, gender identity or gender expression in the execution of its responsibilities under this constitution or in the administration of its policies and programs."

    * However, a group in seeming violation of the clause may be recognized if the exclusion of certain persons is central to the purpose and functioning of the organization.

    2. The group must work toward enhancing the greater Wesleyan community by promoting discussion rather than exclusion and antagonism in its events and activities as determined by the Chair of the Community Outreach and External Affairs Committee and the President of the Wesleyan Student Assembly.

    3.  Failure to comply with the criteria throughout the year may result in a revocation of recognition status.

  • Benefits of Official Recognition

    There are many benefits to being officially recognized by the Wesleyan Student Assembly's Community Outreach and External Affairs Committee (COEAC). The following is a list of resources student group leaders will have available to them after recognition. They are designed to increase each group's ability to stay organized, maintain records from previous years, and stay in touch with the broader Wesleyan community.

    1.  Opportunities for Funding:  Officially recognized student organizations can request money to support an event or activity from the Student Budget Committee (SBC), which oversees the Student Activities Fee (SAF).

    2. New York Times Readership Program: Wesleyan's large subscription to The New York Times entitles student leaders to a speaker service from the Times. If you are interested in bringing in a speaker from the New York Times, please contact a COEAC member.

    3.   Office Space: The WSA is allowing student groups to apply for office space at 190 High Street.  Student groups may temporarily store files in these spaces and make use of existing equipment and furniture.

    4.  Storage: All student groups are permitted to store objects related to their group's function in the attic space in the WSA Office building at 190 High Street. If you have any questions about storing capital items, please contact the Student Assembly Office (SAO) at

    5.  Facility Use: Recognized student organizations can reserve rooms and spaces that support their efforts to congregate.


    6.  Online Tools:  Student group leaders will have access to Lyris Lists, blogs and other online tools.

    7.   Fax: The Student Assembly Office has a fax machine for use by student group officers for group activities only. There is no charge to your group for this use. Student groups may receive faxes at (860) 685-2411.

    a.   If you are using the fax for personal reasons, it will cost $1 dollar per page for domestic transmissions and $2 dollars per page for international faxes. We only accept cash in exact change.

    8.  Xeroxing: For group business/publicity, a small-quantity (50 pages) of Xeroxing is FREE at the Student Assembly Office during office hours.

    9.  Wesleyan University Archives: Student organizations will have access to the University Archives to store data and other documentation.

  • Student Group Liability Reminder
    Registration of student organizations by Wesleyan University shall not imply support for any such organization's purpose, philosophy or activities. Additionally, organization leaders and participants are advised that all student organization activities are undertaken at the risk of the organization, its members and participants. Organization leaders or members are encouraged to require their participants to execute a waiver and release agreement as a condition to participating in organization activities, especially those that involve perceived risk. The University maintains a standard a standard waiver that organizations may adapt to their needs. Organization members should be aware that participant execution of such a waiver does not guarantee insulation from liability and organizations may still have a duty to activity participants. Additionally, student organizations should consider procuring insurance for certain activities. Wesleyan will provide contacts for procuring insurance through its Auxiliaries Department.
  • SBC and COCo Mandatory Meeting
    The SBC and COCo Mandatory Meeting is a required informational meeting which will inform students on how the student group registration and fund allocation process works. It is run by the Community Outreach Committee (COCo) and the Student Budget Committee (SBC) chairs. The meeting is normally held during the second or third week of classes. An announcement will be sent out to the student body announcing the date, time and location of the meeting.
  • Student Group Contact List
    A list of recognized student groups is available for your perusal on WesNest. You may find a group that may interest you. Also, you will be able to obtain contact information for the student group leaders, a description of the group, their meeting times and so much more.