Reserving Spaces on Campus

The vast majority of spaces on campus can be reserved online in WesNest. Learn more about booking space through WesNest. Students looking to book individual study rooms or non student group meetings can still use room request in WesPortal to book space. Students may also contact Student Involvement with questions or issues reserving space.

If you need additional furniture or A/V equipment that does not exist in your desired space, you will need to make these requests when submitting your event request in WesNest.

For large events involving extensive services in spaces such as Memorial Chapel or Beckham Hall, you should consider planning more than 14 business days to ensure services can be provided for your event.

Spaces which are NOT booked by Student Involvement are as follows:


Services & Costs

The WSA covers most of the costs associated with events for recognized student groups. However, the following are some general guidelines for costs associated with event planning. All of these are subject to change based on the nature of the event but will provide a guide to assist in outlining a budget.



$42 flat rate for post meal clean up 8:30am - 3:30pm Mon.-Fri.

All other times, minimum 2 hours @ $42/hr

Physical Plant Movers

$51 per person per hour, 7am - 3:30pm Mon.-Fri.
All other times, minimum 2 hours @ $51/hr

Public Safety Officer

$50 per hour, 4 hour minimum

Public Safety Supervisor

$60 per hour, 4 hour minimum

Middletown Police Dept Officer

$65 per hour, 4 hour minimum


$57 per hour

Memorial Chapel House Staff

Included with $200 room fee for events only.  Fee also includes custodial.

CFA House Staff

$12-$55/hour/staff member

each event requires at least two, and up to five house staff

CFA Tech Staff

$12-$60/hour/staff member

based on location and difficulty of show


CT Rental Chairs

$1.25 per chair

CT Rental Tables (6', 8' long & 5' rounds)

$9.50 per table

CT Rental Charcoal Grill

$50 per grill (no charcoal included)

CT Rental Propane Grill

$68 per grill (no propane included)

Instructional Media Services

Rates for Instructional Media Services (IMS) i.e. AV support, will vary based on the amount of equipment you need and the level of assistance you will need to set-up and manage your event.

Usdan University Center Charges

For more information on charges specific to the Usdan University Center, please check in with Student Involvement staff