OSI Fall ‘23 Updates

Event Requests and Event Spaces

Program Houses

  • Program House event requests now open!
    Event requests for Program Houses are now open on WesNest. Student groups interested in having events in Program Houses should work with a Program House resident for their event. The Program House resident will meet with the House Manager for further details and will take on the role and responsibilities of Event Host. Residents of Program Houses have been added as Event Coordinators within their respective residential spaces and should be the ones submitting an event request and listing the student club or organization as the co-host to start the process. Any event requests submitted by non-house members will be declined.

  • Malcolm X House and the WestCo Café are not part of program housing.  OSI continues to support events in these two spaces.


  • OSI is also in conversation with the Center For the Arts (CFA) about event spaces. The CFA is willing to entertain requests in the Ring Family Performing Arts Hall. Please meet with Jen Cheng (Calendly link) if you are interested in booking the Ring Family theater first before submitting an event request. 

New Timeline

  • Due to these updates, the OSI reevaluated our event request timeline and have determined that event requests will now only need to be submitted 7 days (one week) in advance. 
  • One week is sufficient time for OSI to follow up with campus partners about set-up requests, A/V support, and other additional needs. 
  • Please note that certain spaces may still require at least 14 business days advance notice.

Concert Committee

  • The Concert Committee is accepting proposals for off-campus musical acts for the Fall semester.  To submit a proposal, please visit the Concert Committee’s WesNest page (link to Concert Committee page).

Financial Updates

  • A reminder that training is required every academic year for Financial Managers.
  • The Moodle for Fall 2023-Spring 2024  for Financial Manager Training is open!
  • The SBC will begin accepting budget requests for student organizations on Wednesday, Sept. 20th.  Financial Managers must have taken and passed the Finance Quiz, and a representative of a group should have attended the WesWell Sexual Violence Prevention training in order to be eligible for funding.

New Student Group Registration

  • The New Student Group Registration application form for Fall 2023 will open on WesNest on Tuesday, September 5, 2023. When you navigate to “Organizations,” there will be a button on the left-hand side, “Register an Organization.” When you click on that button, there will be a blue button on the bottom of the page “Register a New Organization,” which will take you to the form to complete.
  • Check the Student Involvement webpage here for more information about registering a student group, determining informal or formally recognized status, and other requirements.

Frozen Student Group Re-Registration

  • Currently frozen student groups (indicated by a snowflake symbol on WesNest) will have the opportunity to re-register as an active student group in the Spring semester. The form will open on WesNest on Friday, January 26, 2024. Any member of a student group is allowed to re-register the group; it does not need to be the Primary Contact.
  • Check the Student Involvement webpage here for more information about requirements and conditions for frozen groups to be considered fully active again.