New to Event Planning?

Student Involvement will be your primary resource when planning a student event. We can advise you on how to reserve space and who you need to talk to to get a contract.  

The following are some things to consider if you are planning an event on campus for the first time. As long as you plan well in advance (4-6 weeks) event planning at Wes can be an easy, fun and exciting experience.

Type of Event
The type of event you are having will help determine what else you will need to make the program a success. It is important to have a clear vision of what you would like your event to be and who will need to be involved. The most common types of events planned by student organizations on campus are speakers, forums, bands, and parties. This doesn't mean, however, that you can't plan something unique that has never been done before. You simply need to have a good idea of what you're interested in before you meet with anyone to begin planning.

Planning Time
The amount of time you need to plan your event depends on multiple factors listed below. In any case it is always better to plan far in advance than try to fit something in at the last minute. Generally, all event requests must be submitted no later than 14 business days in advance.  However, there are some instances where event requests need to be submitted earlier than 14 business days.

  • Contracts - Contracts must be processed 6 weeks prior to your event. Read more information on the contracting process.
  • Public Safety - If you are planning an event where Public Safety will need to be present, that request must be in at least 3 weeks in advance.

Anticipated Attendance
Predicting attendance for your event can be difficult without knowing exactly what else will be happening at that time and how interested people will be in attending your program. However, having a general sense of these numbers will help you to choose a venue that will suit your event. This information will also help you determine what time of year or time of day your event will be most successful and if your event is cost effective (if you can only anticipate 10 people coming to your event and it is costing you thousands of dollars, you may want to think of ways to make it more widely accessible).

Venue Choice
The majority of room reservations for student events and meetings are handled through the Office of Student Involvement. You can reference the Reserving Space section of our website to find out more about this process. When considering which space, however, there are multiple things to think about.

  • Room Capacity - Each room on campus has a specific capacity. Additional furniture in any space will lower its capacity significantly so keep this in mind when thinking about appropriate venues for your program. Information about capacities for campus spaces is available when submitting an event in WesNest.
  • Furniture/AV - Most spaces on campus will have existing furniture and A/V set-ups that you can work with. If, however, you would like additional furniture or equipment brought in for your event, you can indicate your needs when submitting your event request.
  • Proximity - The type of event you are interested in hosting will certainly play a role in the location you choose for your event. Keep in mind how loud your event might be, how much set-up time will be needed, where your audience will be coming from on campus, and what atmosphere you are interested in creating for your program.
  • Outdoor Events - For outdoor events requiring a grill, you must obtain a grill permit from Campus Fire Safety at least 72-hours prior to your event.

Event Cost
With the exception of some rooms in the Usdan University Center, there are no spaces on campus that have a reservation fee. Costs are incurred, however, through additional services such as custodial clean-up, furniture set-up, audio/visual set-up, staffing, and electrical assistance. Although the WSA covers most of the costs associated with student groups booking events, it is important to be mindful of costs and note that not all requests for services can be accommodated. Learn more information about specific event costs.

Funding Options
Many funding sources are available to student organizations. More information on the primary funding sources on campus and how to access them for your program. Please note, The WSA Student Budget Committee (SBC) requires that requests for funding be done at least 14 days in advance of your event.