Wesleyan is an institution devoted to learning, openness, and the life of the mind; it follows that its character can be measured in part by the kind of human relationships built and sustained within this small but complex environment.

The community itself will flourish only to the degree that the virtues of mutual respect, generosity, and concern for others are maintained. It is vitally important, therefore, that harassment and discrimination in all their forms not be tolerated.

The INCIDENT REPORTING FORM is one of several ways for members of the University community to report any type of incident that is concerning, harmful, and/or contrary to the Wesleyan's Community Standards.

Incidents can also be reported directly to Public Safety, The Office for Equity and Inclusion, Human Resources, or the Office of Dean of Students. Please note that submissions using this form may not be reviewed outside of normal business hours. If there is an immediate risk to health or safety, please contact Wesleyan Public Safety at 860-685-3333 or dial 911.