Human Resources

Voluntary Termination of Employment Notification

To be completed by the supervisor or department manager. 


  1. Enter the employees name, WesID, you name and phone extension, last day worked, reason for seperation, number of vacation days or hours remaining, and their new address if applicable.
  2. After completing the form, it is important to click the "Submit" button to send this information to Human Resources. 

Vacation Payout

Please review and verify the employee’s current vacation balance in your manager’s toolbox.  Please contact HR to correct any discrepancies before submitting this form.  If the employee’s vacation balance changes before the employee’s last day worked, email the corrected total to Human Resources.


Wesleyan Account

Employee accounts will be deactivated upon the date of termination.  Please arrange with the employee the transfer of shared files and emails prior to their last day.