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Mission Statement

The mission of the Wesleyan University Wellness Program is to establish a work environment that encourages faculty, staff and their families to take responsibility for their physical and mental well-being through health awareness and healthy lifestyles. This program supports a comprehensive approach to decreasing the incidence, duration and severity of preventable illnesses and disease by promoting educational opportunities, wellness activities and self-improvement.



  • Congratulations to all those who participated in the Points Program.  Over 200 faculty and staff will be earning rewards! Payments for those who participated in the program (CIGNA and non-CIGNA) will be made in your February paychecks: weekly  and semi-monthly – 2/14 and monthly 2/28.
  • CIGNA is introducing a new online Points Program – Motivate Me – on February 1, 2014. It has been redesigned based upon your feedback.  There is less self-reporting because  CIGNA will automatically report the goals that go through claims for those who enroll in the program.  For example, CIGNA will automatically report your annual physical.  For those goals that you do report online, there are a lot less clicks to get to the reporting page. Some of the goals that have been customized for Wesleyan will refer you to this Wesleyan Wellness site for more details.  The reporting schedules will remain the same: January - June and July - December.  You can retroactively input activities for January. The points assigned for some of the goals have been adjusted but  the maximum amounts allowed for each reporting period will stay the same - $150 each for you and your spouse/partner. To get started, please click the Points Program link to the left. 
  • A new manual Points Program will be available for faculty and staff who are not enrolled with CIGNA. It will include milestones that are aligned with the CIGNA program and the reporting schedules and maximum amounts remain the same.  Please go to the Points Program link to the left. 
  • For those who successfully completed the Weight Watchers on Campus program, your reimbursement for 50% of the fee will also be included in your February check.  This program was so well-attended that we will again reimburse 50% of the fee upon successful completion this spring. More details will follow about enrolling for the spring semester.
  • There will be a new Cardinal Fit Challenge starting on February 17th.  The goals and bonus challenges will not be as aggressive as the last challenge so we encourage you all to join.  Cardinal Fit Challenge for Spring 2014

            We look forward to a healthy winter and spring!

Cardinal Fit Motivate Me Points Program

The Wesleyan Incentive Points Program for current employees, spouses and partners is a great way for you to motivate yourself to take positive steps toward a healthier life.  You will be rewarded for participating in health improvement programs and completing various milestones.  By actively participating, you will be eligible to earn points that can be redeemed for premium savings.  Each point earned equals $1.  Each participant is eligible to earn up to $150/150 points on a semi-annual basis.  There are two programs: one for CIGNA participants and one for those not enrolled with Cigna.


Wesleyan Adult Fitness Classes

Please click on link to the left to learn more about great classes and workshops.


Massage Therapy

A massage therapist is on campus weekly.  For more details, please click on link to the left.


If you have any questions, please email