Leaving Employment

If you are leaving the University, both you and your supervisor need to complete a number of steps prior to your last day of employment. 

Resignation Letter

The first step you must take after you have made the decision to leave is to submit a letter of resignation.

  • This should be addressed to your supervisor and copied to the associate vice president for Human Resources.
  • It should specify your last date of work, which is the last day physically present at work. (The last day can't be a paid day off such as a vacation day or a holiday.)
  • Email and hard-copy versions are both acceptable.

Note: No resignation letter is needed for employees finishing a term position that was scheduled to end on a specific date or concluding a temporary assignment. 

Leaving Employment Checklist

You and your supervisor should discuss and complete the following steps: 

  • Upon receipt of the resignation letter, the supervisor should initiate an Employee Change Form, found in the "Manager's Toolbox" section of WesPortal. This form will initiate the notification process. 
  • Create an automatic email reply to redirect inquiries to another person within the department. Email accounts are disabled following your last day of work. 
  • Make a plan regarding your voicemail and telephone extension. Contact WesTel for support if needed. 
  • Ensure that your electronic files are accessible to co-workers. Contact your department’s desktop support specialist for support if needed. 
  • Gather all University property, including keys, WesID, p-card, parking hangtag, uniforms, and laptop or other IT equipment. The supervisor should ensure that the following University offices are notified of the termination: Physical Plant Lock Shop, x3814 (keys); Finance, x2958 (p-card); Public Safety, x2345 (parking); WesCard office, x3253 (WesID); and Administrative Help Desk, x4777 (information technology equipment). Those departments will inform supervisors about what to do with the property.

Important Information for the Employee

  • If you participate in the University’s retirement plan and/or SRA plan, no immediate action will be required if you are not prepared to withdraw or roll over funds. If you do want to withdraw funds, feel free to contact the vendors (TIAA: 800-842-2776, Fidelity: 800-343-0860, or Vanguard: 800-662-2003) to discuss your options. If you participate in the 457(b) Plan, you must discuss your options with the benefits department prior to leaving.
  • If you have health or dental insurance, your coverage will automatically terminate based upon your last day of employment. If your last day is on or before the 15th of the month, coverage ends on the 15th. If your last day is on the 16th or later, your coverage will terminate on the last day of that month. You will receive written information from our COBRA administrator, GDI, about the option to continue your coverage under COBRA as your separation date draws closer. You have 60 days after your coverage ends to make a decision. Important information for Employees Terminating from Wesleyan University.
  • You may be eligible to continue your life insurance benefits. If interested, please contact benefits@wesleyan.edu for rates and information.
  • Your final paycheck will be generated on the next regular pay date. If applicable, be sure to complete your final timesheet as usual.
  • If you have unused vacation hours, they will be paid out in the final check, up to a maximum of your annual carryover limit. You supervisor will request this payment on the Employee Change Form.
  • In order to receive information from the University (such as next year’s W-2 or the COBRA information), we need your current mailing address. Please be sure to update your address in the "Personal Information" section of your Employee Portfolio prior to your departure. Notification of address changes that need to be made following your last day of employment should be emailed to payrollhelp@wesleyan.edu. You can also log into ADP to view your Wesleyan pay and tax statements.  
  • Complete the Exit Survey, which is voluntary and confidential.

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact Human Resources at x2100.