Retiree Prescription Plan

Enrollment in the Wesleyan Retiree Prescription Plan – The retiree and spouse/partner are eligible to enroll in the Wesleyan Retiree Prescription plan at age 65. The spouse/partner must be enrolled in the University medical plan at the time of retirement and be continuously covered through age 65 to qualify for the Prescription Plan. This benefit entitles the retiree and spouse/partner each to a $25,000 RX benefit. Each time a prescription is filled, an applicable copay is charged. The balance (the discounted, retail cost of the drug) is then deducted from the $25,000 benefit. Each fall the retiree will receive a letter from Human Resources showing what amount has been used to date. The year the plan maximum is reached, the retiree will be notified early via certified letter, also in the fall. Coverage will terminate as of December 31st. At the time the prescription plan terminates, this will give the retiree enough time to secure a new medical supplemental plan that has a Medicare D (RX) rider without a late penalty. If the retiree exceeds the lifetime maximum, then the spouse/partner will remain eligible under the plan. If the retiree predeceases the spouse/partner prior to their benefit being exhausted, the spouse/partner will be allowed to remain on the plan until December 31st following one year from the date of the retiree’s passing.

An eligible retired employee may elect to have Wesleyan pay up to three hundred ($300.00) per year in a lump sum payment towards Medicare supplemental insurance chosen by the Employee in lieu of participation in the Wesleyan provided Retiree Drug Policy for retired employees.

Replacement Prescription Cards

If you misplace your prescription card, just call Cigna at 1-800-244-6224 or go  Wesleyan's group number is 3188492.