Health Benefits

Wesleyan’s medical plans are the foundation of our comprehensive benefits package, and are available to all benefits-eligible employees. The University offers three high-quality, affordable medical plans through Cigna, as well as dental and vision insurance, so you can find coverage that meets your needs and the needs of your family. The option of a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows you to pay for eligible out-of-pocket healthcare expenses with pre-tax dollars. And the Wesleyan University Wellness Program offers free, fun ways to support physical and mental well-being, including adult fitness classes and the Cardinal Fit Incentive Points Program, which rewards participants for taking steps to maintain their health.

2022 Benefit Information

Health Benefits FAQs

  • Eligibility

    Wesleyan’s medical plans are the foundation of our comprehensive benefits package, and are available to all benefits-eligible employees.

    Faculty who work at least half-time (.50 FTE) and administrative staff members who work at least three-quarters time (.75 FTE) may participate in medical, dental, and vision coverage. Bargaining unit employees should refer to the terms of their contract for additional benefits information.

    Wesleyan University recognizes Civil Unions between same-sex couples as the equivalent to marriage for the purpose of benefit eligibility.

    Wesleyan University recognizes Domestic Partnerships for the purpose of benefit eligibility. A signed Affidavit of Domestic Partnership is required and may be obtained on WesPortal. Information on applicability of pre-tax premium payment is found on the Health Premiums page.

    Coverage is effective on the date of hire for new employees and on the date of a status change for employees moving into a benefits-eligible position.

    Wesleyan offers three medical plans:

     Those who qualify under the Affordable Care Act will be offered coverage in the HDHP w/HSA plan.

    Wesleyan also offers dental and vision plans:


    Dependent Eligibility

    The following are eligible dependents under the medical, dental, and vision plans:

    • Spouse
    • Domestic partner (mutual residence of six months required, as well as mutual financial support)
    • Children, including stepchildren and child(ren) placed for adoption, who meet the IRS dependent definition until the end of the month in which they turn age 26 unless they are totally diables (please contact for more information).
    • Children the employee is legally obligated to support
  • Telehealth


    Cigna Telehealth Connection provides care—including most prescriptions—for a wide range of minor conditions. Patients can connect with a board-certified doctor when, where, and however it works best for them—via video or phone—without having to leave home or work.

    Choose when - Day or night, weekdays, weekends, and holidays.

    Choose where - At home, at work, or on the go.

    Choose how - Phone or video chat.

    MDLIVE televisits can be an affordable alternative to a convenience care clinic or urgent care center, and cost less than going to the emergency room. Costs are the same or less than a visit to a primary care provider.


    Access is available through, or by calling 888-726-3171.


  • Behavioral Health

    Behavioral Health Options with

    Cigna Total Behavioral Health Program
    Many physical conditions can worsen with stress, substance abuse and other behavioral health issues. Cigna Total Behavioral Health is a comprehensive program that provides dedicated support, lifestyle coaching, and online tools to help manage life events.

    Telehealth Behavioral Health Visits
    Members can use their smartphone, tablet or computer for online video conferencing. The out-of-pocket cost is the same as a behavioral health outpatient office visit. Refer to plan documents for costs and details of coverage. To find a Cigna network provider, visit, go to “Find Care & Costs” and enter “Virtual counselor” under “Doctor by Type.”

    Everyday stressors can impact relationships, work, health, and emotional well-being. Cigna has partnered with happify, a free app with science-based games and activities that are designed to help defeat negative thoughts, gain confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, increase mindfulness and emotional well-being, and boost health and performance. Sign up and download the free app at

    Members can learn how to boost their mood and improve mental health with on-demand coaching that is available 24/7. After completing a brief assessment, participants will receive a program tailored to their needs that includes interactive lessons and tools. They will also have access to a peer coach who is matched based on symptoms. Participants can join support communities focused on stress, anxiety, depression, and more. Sign up on

  • Provider and Facility Network Tiers

    Provider and Facility Network Tiers

    Depending on which provider(s) and facilities are used when a patient receives services, and on the associated network tier, costs will vary. This guide is intended to help explain the medical plans’ service network tiers and costs.

    The OAP and the OAP High Deductible Health Plans have two network tiers, and each tier has a different cost structure based on negotiated prices. The out-of-network cost structure is higher than the in-network tier.

    Note: Providers listed in each network are subject to change; is the best source for updates.

    Tier 1: In-Network
    Tier 2: Out-of-Network - All providers and facilities not a part of the first tier are considered out-of-network.

  • Additional Programs and Resources Through Cigna

    The Patient Assurance Program
    Managing diabetes is not easy, but this new program helps control the cost of eligible insulin products, making them more affordable. A 30-day (or one month) supply costs no more than $25 and a 90-day (or three month) supply costs no more than $75. The program includes Basaglar, Humulin, Humalog and Levemir. Additional insulin products may be included in the program. Members currently taking an insulin that is not included in the program should talk with their doctor about whether taking an insulin covered under the program is right for them.

    Cigna Clinical Management Programs

    • Your Health Matters Chronic Condition Management – Members who have a chronic health condition can develop a one-on-one relationship with a dedicated health advocate to help them manage chronic conditions ranging from asthma and low back pain to depression and coronary artery disease, among many others. The dedicated health advocate will help:
      • Obtain information and resources about their condition
      • Create a plan to help improve health (based on the member’s goals) 
      • Understand medications and doctor’s orders 
      • Make more educated decisions about their health and treatment options 

    To initiate a confidential, one-one-one conversation, call 800-244-6224 or visit

    • Cancer Support Program - Members who have cancer—or are cancer survivors—can get one-on-one support to help with everything from understanding their diagnosis to discussing their health care provider’s treatment to celebrating survivorship. The personal nurse advocate will help:
      • Address immediate needs and concerns
      • Understand their diagnosis, medications, and treatment options
      • Coordinate follow-up care and screenings
      • Understand health plan benefits and find quality providers in their area
      • Find quality local support groups and facilities
      • Manage post-cancer care and support

    For additional information, call 800-615-2909 or visit

    • Healthy Babies Program - Cigna’s Healthy Babies prenatal care and education materials provide information and support that work—from prenatal to post-delivery. Pregnant members can get help throughout their pregnancy:
      • Maternity specialists are available over the phone 24/7 to help with everything from morning sickness to maternity benefits.
      • Support is available from a case manager if the member is hospitalized during pregnancy or if their baby is in the NICU.

    Download the Cigna Healthy Pregnancy app to track and learn about pregnancy. The app also provides support for the baby’s first two years. For additional information, call the number on the back of the Cigna ID card.


  • Lifestyle Management

    Cigna Lifestyle Management Program
    Cigna lifestyle management programs can help members lose weight, quit tobacco, or lower stress levels – and at no additional cost! Each program is easy to use and available where and when needed. Members can use each program online or over the phone—or both. To sign up for any of the lifestyle management programs, visit or call 800-Cigna24.

    • Weight Management - Create a personal healthy-living plan that will help you build confidence, be more active, and eat healthier.
    • Tobacco Cessation - Create a personal quit plan with a realistic quit date. Participants receive free over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy (patch or gum).
    • Stress Management - Learn what causes stress and develop a personal stress management plan.