Workplace Injuries and Prevention

Wesleyan is committed to provide the resources and support needed to create a safe and efficient work environment and environmentally responsible campus.

Workplace Injuries and Prevention

If you are injured at work, immediately report the accident, regardless of how minor the injury. This ensures that you get the care you need, that you are paid properly if you need to be absent from work, and that any potentially unsafe conditions are addressed promptly.

Reporting Workplace Incidents
Ergonomics in the Workplace
Safety in the Workplace
Report Safety Concerns on Campus

Treating Workplace Injuries

Injury Treatment
Out of Pocket Expenses
Reporting your Absences 

First point of contact for workplace injuries.

Amy Walsh
Associate Director of Employee Benefits
Email:  or

  • Reporting Workplace Incidents

    Emergencies: Call 911 or Public Safety at (860) 685-2345. If transport is needed, an ambulance will be called. If you are able to, please contact your supervisor immediately, if not, Public Safety will do so.  You or your supervisor should follow up with Human Resources at 860-685-2100 or as soon as possible.

    Non-Emergencies: Notify your supervisor immediately and then contact Human Resources at (860) 685-2100 or within 24 hours to complete a First Report of Injury (FRI) and claim report. If you are unable to do so because of your injury, your supervisor is responsible for the notification. When an incident does not require medical attention, the First Report of Injury is for “Report Only”. This records the incident and would allow you to have future medical treatment at a later date if needed.

    Initial Steps

    • Please contact Human Resources and complete a First Report of Injury (FRI).
    • Once your report is filed, PMA Companies (the workers’ compensation insurance company) will contact you to obtain further information on your workplace incident.
    • All employees should immediately report on-the-job injuries to their supervisor.
    • Download the Workplace Injuries packet.

    Submit First Report of Injury and any work status notes to


    • On an ongoing basis, Human Resources will keep your supervisor informed about your status and provide guidance for work accommodations if needed.
    • A Wesleyan University Environmental Health and Safety team member will also contact you to discuss your incident. Although an incident may not cause a physical injury, there may be actions the University may need to address to ensure safe working conditions.
    • Human Resources collaborates with PMA as they manage your claim, assist with questions, and keep your supervisor informed.
  • Ergonomics in the Workplace

    Wesleyan is committed to provide the resources and support needed to create a safe and efficient work environment through the Wesleyan Ergonomics Program.

    The goal of the Wesleyan Ergonomics program is to provide education, assessment and work site modification to prevent work-related injuries. We outline practical strategies for identifying and correcting ergonomic deficiencies in a variety of workplace settings.

    To request an assessment of your Wesleyan work station please email

    Assessment Follow-up
    Assessment Follow-up

    A member of the Ergonomics team will follow up with recommendations after assessing the employee’s workstation. Education will be provided and any applicable workstation changes will be coordinated and installed. The employee’s department will be charged 50% of each approved ergonomics furniture/supply purchase up to a maximum of $500. The balance of the expense will be paid through the Wesleyan Ergonomics Program.

    Monitors, Dragon software and general software are not covered under this program.

    Education Materials

    Good Working Positions handout

  • Safety in the Workplace

    Wesleyan University is committed to promote a safe and environmentally responsible campus.

    Wesleyan Safety Committee

    The Wesleyan Safety Committee is comprised of employees representing various parts of campus – facilities, student life, the sciences, the Wesleyan Advancement team, Public Safety and administration. The Committee encourages continuous discussion and feedback creating new thinking around safety, offering new alternatives, and ensuring Wesleyan is not only safety conscious but also engaged, productive and working in the University’s best interests.

    If you are interested in learning more about the Wesleyan Safety Committee or would like to become a member of the safety team, please email

  • Report Safety Concerns on Campus

    Have you noticed safety issue you want to report?  Have you noticed something that needs to be fixed that is a safety issue?  Do you have a suggestion for the Wesleyan University Safety Committee to consider?

    This form is available for you to submit your sightings and suggestions!   After you submit an idea, it will be sent to the Safety Committee for immediate action.  You are not required to input your name and contact information, but it may be helpful if the committee members want to follow up with questions.
    Submit your Safety Suggestions or Safety Violations.

Treating Workplace Injuries

Once an injury is reported, a member of the Human Resources team will assist you in coordinating care for your injury alongside Wesleyan’s workers’ compensation administrator, PMA Companies, Inc.

Please reference the Workers Compensation Managed Care plan which provides a required notice to all employees, frequently asked questions about Workers’ Compensation, and a listing of the participating providers in the network.

Employees experiencing a job-related injury or illness will be treated by the healthcare providers identified in the University’s Medical Care Plan Network. If an injury requires specialty treatment not available by a provider in the Wesleyan Workers Compensation Medical Care Plan, a provider from an approved list established by the Workers’ Compensation Commission may be chosen for treatment.

Payor and Medical Provider Guidelines to Improve the Coordination of Medical Services, State of CT Workers’ Compensation Commission 

  • Injury Treatment

    Coordination of Care: You will have the choice to select a provider in the Wesleyan Workers Compensation Managed Care Plan network. PMA Companies, the Workers Compensation insurance company, will manage your claim.

    Communication with PMA Companies: You will be assigned a direct contact at PMA to help with coordination and authorization of care, bill payments, and general questions.

    Communication with Human Resources: Please keep Human Resources updated regarding your status. This includes, but is not limited to, time out of work, medical appointments, physical therapy and medical procedures related to your injury.

    Communication with your Supervisor: Please keep your supervisor informed of your need for time off. Do not give your supervisor medical notes. Please submit all work status notes to Human Resources directly. Human Resources will confirm work status with your supervisor.

    Working with the Nurse Case Manager: If you are referred to the nurse case manager, it is critical to keep them informed of treatment and progress. The nurse case manager is someone who works with Human Resources to help you with the coordination of appointments, procedures, therapy and medications. As part of their role, they will also attend appointments with you to be your advocate with the medical providers, ensuring you receive the best care while treating for your injury and to ensure timely authorization of treatments. You will be responsible for contacting the nurse case manager with any appointments you make, especially when rescheduling is needed.

  • Out of Pocket Expenses

    All out of pocket expenses incurred while treating for your injury (prescriptions, mileage, parking, etc.) will be reimbursed to you directly by PMA. Please contact your assigned claim administrator to submit reimbursements.

  • Prescriptions

    PMA utilizes the Express Scripts Retail Pharmacy network for prescriptions related to your Workers’ Compensation injury. When filling a prescription, please notify your pharmacist of this network so they do not bill your health insurance. If there are any issues processing your prescriptions, please have the pharmacist contact Express Scripts helpdesk at 1-800-897-9470. Do not have prescriptions filled at your physician’s office.

  • Reporting your Absences

    Time out of work must be medically certified by the nurse case manager, your provider or by PMA.

    Faculty & Staff: Please keep your supervisor and Human Resources informed of any appointments or days away from work.

    Hourly/Union Employees: Please record your absences as workers’ compensation time on your timesheet.

    Medically certified time is any time authorized in writing by your treating physician/clinician/nurse case manager/physical therapist. If your absence is not medically certified, you must use accrued, unused sick time in place of workers compensation. If you are out of work for an extended period, Human Resources will coordinate the reporting of your time with your supervisor.

    First point of contact for workplace injuries.

    Amy Walsh, Associate Director of Employee Benefits
    Phone: 1-860-685-2338