Time Off

Wesleyan University provides employees with paid time off, which includes vacation, sick, holiday, and other paid leaves of absence.

All employees must record their time off using the University’s time and attendance system.


Employees who work at least 975 hours per calendar year are eligible to receive paid vacation time. If the employee’s appointment is less than full-time, vacation time is prorated based on the employee’s FTE.

Full-time employees accrue vacation days on a monthly basis at the rate of 1/12 of their annual benefit. The annual benefit is based on the employee’s length of service and FTE. All employees accrue their monthly vacation benefit on the 15th of each month. If an employee is not able to work due to a leave of absence of six weeks or more, the employee will not accrue additional vacation time beginning the following month for any time out in excess of six weeks. Time off balances will be calculated and displayed in the time and attendance system.

Vacation must be taken during the time that an employee is scheduled to work, and must be approved in advance by the supervisor. An employee may not use vacation time before it is accrued. An employee may only carry forward a total of one time their annual maximum accrual to the following year. Time must be used by the end of the first calendar quarter (March 31) of the following year. Time in excess of the employee’s annual maximum will be forfeited at the end of the first calendar quarter (April 1) of that year.  

Professional Librarians, Administrative staff and Secretary/Clerical union members may opt to purchase additional vacation time during Open Enrollment. 

When an employee terminates employment with the University, accrued, unused vacation time will be paid up to the maximum accrual. Vacation time or other paid time off cannot be used to extend the effective date of termination beyond the employee’s last day of work. Vacation payout will be paid on the employee’s next available pay date following the last day worked.

Employees who are 1.0 FTE accrue vacation according to the following schedule. Vacation for part-time employees is prorated based on their FTE and is calculated in hours.

Years of Service Total Number of Days Earned Per Year Based on 37.5-Hour Schedule Number of Days Accrued
Per Month
One–Ten 20 1.66
Eleven 21 1.75
Twelve 22 1.83
Thirteen 23 1.91
Fourteen 24 2.00
Fifteen 25 2.08
Sixteen 26 2.16
Seventeen 27 2.25
Eighteen 28 2.23
Nineteen 29 2.41
Twenty or More 30 2.50