Employee Assistance Program

As an employee at Wesleyan, you and your household members have access to a wealth of support and services from our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Provided by BHS, the EAP provides confidential, in-the-moment support to help with personal or professional concerns that may interfere with work or family responsibilities. The cost of EAP services are paid entirely by Wesleyan. Supervisors can connect to a BHS Performance Consultant by calling 866-594-7292.

To contact the EAP, call 800-327-2251 or go to portal.BHSonline.com.

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or call 800-327-2251

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Common Reasons to Call The EAP

Relationships Life Events Risks Challenges
Supervisor/Co-worker Birth/Death Burnout/Anger Daily Responsibilities
Customers Health/Illness Depression/Anxiety Financial/Legal
Friends Marriage/Divorce Suicidal Thoughts Parenting
Spouse/Kids Promotion/Retirement Substance Abuse Stress/Conflict

Key Features of the EAP

  • 24/7 access to master’s-level clinicians for information, assessment, short-term problem resolution, and referrals. Up to four sessions per issue are covered by this program. 
  • Your conversations with EAP counselors are completely confidential. No one at Wesleyan will be informed of information that is shared by employees with their EAP counselor.
  • This benefit is provided at no cost to you, however if you require a referral for services beyond the four EAP visits, costs may be incurred.  These are often covered by your health insurance plan.
  • MyBHS Portal is available online or via the app.

Work Life Support Provided by the EAP

  • Childcare and Eldercare - BHS can provide you with a list of resources for both child and elder care.
  • Legal Assistance - BHS can connect you with an attorney specific to your needs for a free 1/2 hour consultation.  Future services will be provided with that attorney at a 25% discount.
  • Financial Services - BHS provides unlimited telephonic financial counseling, information, and education.  

Supervisory Support

BHS provides valuable resources for Wesleyan supervisors. BHS's Performance Consultants are master’s level clinicians trained in the various issues that may arise in the workplace and can provide guidance to address challenging situations, assist in skill-building, and problem-solving.

Supervisors can connect to a BHS Performance Consultant by calling 866-594-7292.  

Education and Support Materials