Employee Assistance Program

With your employee assistance program (EAP) and work/life balance services, confidential assistance is as close as your phone or computer. Your EAP is designed to help you lead a happier and more productive life at home and at work.  

Call for confidential access to a licensed professional counselor who can help you.  

A licensed professional counselor can help you with:  

  • Stress, depression, anxiety  
  • Relationship issues, divorce  
  • Job stress, work conflicts  
  • Family and parenting problems  
  • Anger, grief, and loss 

Key Features  

  • Medical Bill Saver service that can help negotiate out-of-pocket medical and dental expenses over $400. 
  • 24/7 access to master’s-level staff clinicians for information, assessment, short-term problem resolution, and referrals.  
  • Up to three face-to-face counseling sessions. Sessions are conducted by a network of qualified EAP consultants. 
  • Health Advocate offers HIPAA-compliant video counseling sessions for those in rural communities, those with transportation concerns, or those who may prefer the use of technology to receive the service.  
  • Health Advocate provides access to a national network of over 60,000 licensed EAP affiliates. All EAP providers have a master’s degree or higher with state licensure.  

Work/Life Balance  

You can also reach out to a specialist for help with balancing work and life issues. Just call and a work/life specialist can answer your questions and help you find resources in your community.  

  • Child care  
  • Elder care  
  • Legal questions  
  • Identity theft  
  • Financial services, debt management, credit report issues  

Education and Support Materials