How to Record Time Off

All salaried and hourly staff, including librarians and academic department researchers, must use the Workforce Time system in WesPortal to report time off.  Salaried and hourly staff are encouraged to use the Time Off Request feature in WorkForce for planned future time off.  Once approved by your supervisor,  your timesheet and leave balance will update automatically. You can also enter time off directly on your timesheet by noon on the Tuesday following the week time off was used. This will ensure your leave balances are updated in a timely manner.   Step by step instructions on using the Time off Request feature can be found in WesPortal.  Salaried staff can use and report time in a minimum of ½ hour increments.  Hourly staff can use and report \ time in a minimum of 15 minute increments. More information is available on the Workforce Time page.